I have made this conclusion several years ago after debating the local entitled Fractivist for years.  It is not clean water, alternative energy nor Utopia they seek.  It is not fracking, earthquakes nor chemicals they really detest.   On the contrary, they really prove in debates that they are basically uneducated and ignorant on the subject.  And if one were to review their existence, one will see lives of consumption and waste plus unproductive members of society.


No fellow landowners, it is beginning to manifest itself, as with yesterday's State Rep. Hagans bloviating at the Youngstown's Unitarian Church.  What they really want is what YOU have worked most of your life for, they want a piece of YOU.  Redistribution of wealth and the increase of entitlements is behind the scene...... all of the time.


Keep your eyes on how this great energy play will continue to evolve.  Yes my fellow landowners it is the continuation of the "haves" versus the "have nots."  Notice the Occupyers in Oakland and Pittsburgh.  And as our president stated to Joe-the-Plumber, "what is wrong with redistribution of wealth?"

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Not Leased,

  According to the Intelligencer article, Innovation Ohio proposes taxing oil & gas profits sufficiently to align us with Texas state tax policy. Perhaps Innovation Ohio should concurrently propose elimination of Ohio's state income tax, which will also align us with our Texas brethren.


i guess all these unemployed leftists and gangbangers are going to have to learn how to be deck hands and dozer operators. a butler county college is offering free classes for rig laborers. thats the right way to engage in wealth redistribution. trade work for money.

This is the answer, work their butts of in the pipeline ditches, then they will get some of the wealth.

None will pass the required drug tests!!

You are probably right.  What a shame.  They will just continue to collect free handouts and use that money to buy their drugs.

when it is free, it is not valued, and they won't go - too much work to learn how to work... *sigh

So soon we may have to demolish GM, Chrysler, several investment firms, banks, alternative energy companies and countries to list a few.

Last week, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and five other Democrats introduced legislation to establish the "Reasonable Profits Board" with the power to directly control the profits of the oil and gas industry. Tired of socialism yet?  Get rid of Kucinich, a wolf in sheep's clothing!


populist political rhetoric......Though I happen to believe that when wealth is too heavily concentrated, it can bring down a county....I believe ours is doomed to failure.  History has shown that the life expectancy of a democracy is 300 years, that leaves us 65 more......But the kind of wealth likely to be experienced by readers of this site aren't likely to be amongst the 1 percenters currently villified.

    In my opinion the most prolific problem facing our money balance issues from the top to the bottom is the fact that wages are to low. The people at the top do not have to concern themselves with keeping employees. The economy is so low that job movement is almost a non issue for them, but that is beginning to change. When the economy gets better more jobs means more competion for people. Therefore if you want to keep your people you have to pay them more. When that happens money slowly moves down the ladder.

You could be right monty, however, I believe every job has a value and many believe they are underpaid for their work.  When that happens, it's time for the worker to move to another job.  Expecting to be overpaid for a job is the union mentality and demand. That is why jobs are going overseas AND our federal govt. has a program to support that as well.

Minimum wage has proven, over and over, that it doesn't matter what the job is, or how hard a person works or doesn't work, the pay is the same.  Minimum wage is part of the problem, not part of the solution.  EVERY job has a value and when politicians mandate a wage, it's downhill from there.

Linda, I think you missunderstand my point. I don't want govt. involved at all! My point is that when the economy is low the working class are the ones that take it in the wallet. When the economy is doing well the working class are more valuable to the people that employ them, because the demand for them is more of a competition. I do not agree with your statement that every job has a set value, that is dependant on demand. When workers leave for better pay that value goes up.


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