I have made this conclusion several years ago after debating the local entitled Fractivist for years.  It is not clean water, alternative energy nor Utopia they seek.  It is not fracking, earthquakes nor chemicals they really detest.   On the contrary, they really prove in debates that they are basically uneducated and ignorant on the subject.  And if one were to review their existence, one will see lives of consumption and waste plus unproductive members of society.


No fellow landowners, it is beginning to manifest itself, as with yesterday's State Rep. Hagans bloviating at the Youngstown's Unitarian Church.  What they really want is what YOU have worked most of your life for, they want a piece of YOU.  Redistribution of wealth and the increase of entitlements is behind the scene...... all of the time.


Keep your eyes on how this great energy play will continue to evolve.  Yes my fellow landowners it is the continuation of the "haves" versus the "have nots."  Notice the Occupyers in Oakland and Pittsburgh.  And as our president stated to Joe-the-Plumber, "what is wrong with redistribution of wealth?"

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Government Motors (GM) stole the retirement income of thousands when they took over, cut medical benefits as well.  It was part of their retirement pkg they worked all their lives for - that was the real tyranny behind the nationalization of GM. GM to file for bankruptcy, reorganize, get rid of the workers who habitually only worked three or four day weeks because they were so over paid,  dissolve unionized 'relief' workers who were paid to sit around IN CASE someone didn't show up for their job, downsize their inflated workforce, just like any other corporation.  Same with the banks, rise and fall on their own merits.  But, that will never happen because, again, those in charge and their cronies profited from the takeover - nationalization of GM.  The govt stole billions from retirees.

Appropriate name since the retired salaried workers sure received a 'volt' when they stole their retirement benefits! *grin

Yeh! Fry mah hide! Whut in tarnation not leaseduh said Opra has inough of her own money an' we sh'dn't subsidize her


Thanks Jeane, just doing my share to counter the Marxist.

WELL PUT --- EVERYTHING WE HAVING BEEN SAYING SINCE THE BEGINNING  --- THEY CAN WORK - lots of employment openings here for them!!!!


But, they don't want to work.  That's the problem. 

They don't want to work because , as things stand now , they don't have to!

Let's vote in new blood to purge these so called "liberals" from office and get our republic back!!!

Get rid of the wasted entitlement programs and they will work or starve.


If they are able to work but refuse to work then let them starve. If they are unable to work, there are a multitude of charitable people and organizations who will help those truly in need.

the harsh response I do not like but.......

if you have a dog on a chain and feed it every day then set the food outside the chain does it break "the chain" and eat or remain tethered waiting for the handout?

If the dog gets hungry enough it will make every effort to break "the chain".

This is not a valid comparison though because the able-bodied non-producers are not chained up by others, they are slaves to themselves, and only when they decide for themselves that they are willing to put forth the effort to move forward in life will they break those bonds they have imposed upon themselves.

Been there - done that - not ever going back there!

my reference was to"break the chain" only unability to work not to infer to unfair contracts u got that


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