Two questions on well path azimuth and well spacing that I would appreciated getting an answer to. 

1) If you zoom in on Carroll County in the map here:, you will see an example of how all of the well paths drlled are oriented to the NW or SE and that this same orientation holds up for most all wells in the Utica with just a few exceptions. I assume that this has something to do with stress field orientation and the ease at which fractures can propagate when the wells are stimulated. Is that the case or is it something else?

2) Also, looking at the SE corner of Carroll county it looks like the drilling pattern is full or very nearly so. Is this the case? I then assume that some calculation could be made on how many drilling locations remain in a given area. Given that, can we say that SE Carroll county is completely drilled up?



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1.) Yes, they drill at that orientation in intercept the J1&J2 fracture patterns that naturally exist.

2.) Some parts of Carroll indeed look like they're stuffed to capacity with laterals.  More could potentially be added later if there is data that shows downspacing can be effective.

Thanks Dexter!

No, I know people in Loudon twp. s.e.corner who are not even leased yet.Partly because Chesapeake  is the only game in town and their leases stink.

Bo, the question is will the unleased land owners be left out?  Donut holes on the edge of units?

Yea ,Phillip,When there's only one game in town,if you want to play, you have to take what they bring to the table. Or be left out.

Playing the Devil's advocate, having one company dominate an area does make for efficient layout of units.This is a screen capture of Greg's map in my area, Millwood township, Guernsey county.  Is there enough land between these two units to form another profitable unit?

Great question. This is an area I'm keeping an eye on  also another between Millers and Law unit in Millwood  is a space  Not exactly like this but an area Eclipse said they will leave untouched because of issues with a landowner 

You guys should get on the ODNR site and view the well spacing in s.e. Carroll county. east Guernsey co. could look like that.

I did that about a year and a half ago. Haven't done it since I bet it looks filled up by now.  Your right about eastern Guernsey looking like Carroll .I'm sure it will its filling up quick.


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