I am involved in a lease that will expire in a month or so . If anyone could share the latest offers from Shell in Tioga County , it would be much appreciated . Thanks in advance . 

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Please private message me and I will inform you. 

$1,000-$1,500 bonus


Depends where you are, size of acreage.  They have remained tight in Tioga.

Thanks, Delmar  Township , just south of Rte 6 . 

Tim's numbers are right for western Tioga.  Landowners in the area initially held $30 AC leases and thankfully they are expiring.  Farmers w/more than a few AC in your particular area are torn.  In today's market w/all the related issues to Utica drillling, PLUS the Gee and Neal's success, if they don't need the money yesterday holding off on signing is a good thing. The "donut hole" scare is something Shell might throw your way but  other companies wanting to get their toes in the door know how to work around that.


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