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     I am in Liberty township and a few months ago got an offer to buy my royalties for 1500 to 1800 per acre, but they would do a more in-depth look if I was serious which "mite change the numbers" slightly....even tho I am not drilled or receiving any royalties ..talked to a landsman rite b4 I contacted them and he advised caution as there will be "significant" activity in my area in the "near future"....how about it, anybody else get an offer or hear anything or see any activity here in Tioga Co. ?

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30 acres when they already had offices?  um.. no.. it's more like they have a bigger plan.. rt 6 will look like the drive from elmira to corning eventualy.. factories use'n shale gas for product.. storage caverns have been found and oil.. it's a whole lotta something come'n Shell isn't a gas company.. they are an oil company 

If we had oil Shell would be drilling oil not producing gas wells that are marginal. Lets deal in facts not rumors and speculation.

this is also true-  BUT.. in looking at the details- why bother adding a 30 acre shop- when they have so much already acquired from East?  An office on 660 and one on Lambs Creek Road-  Not to mention up and down rt 6. Test wells for "whats down there" have been tapped at points all over the State- including Tioga Co. So it's a possibility-  and taking that into consideration is just one more thing people should consider when making choices, rather than lease'n at $300 bucks under the popular notion that "it's over".  

that's right.. and they didn't come to play in $4. gas.. it's about the oil 

Funny they spent 100's of millions and the last 3 years doing just that. There must be fairy dust on pumpkin hill.

yes I have... and I guess we'll see right? I'm a bit further ahead of the game than most.. I mean what do you do all day?  I study oil. 

James, since you asked I'm a manage mineral rights for a living. You should stop trying to BS people that know you.

 James is right,Shell is trying to keep a lid on it.NC-NW Tioga is a very good area.As Shell drills more exploratory wells the area is expanding out. 

so what's "Significant"  If an oil well was pumping into the 80's in Mansfield-  if oil has been taken from Troy/Crossroads for the past 5 years.. it's "Significant" if it's going to pay you--even for only a year or 2.  
Oil has been hit north of WIlliamsport-but not produced-- but not by Shell-  T.Boone said, in Williamsport, in Sept of 2010 "you have oil here"  USA today did run a story in 09 speaking of substantial levels of oil in the Northern Tier. --  these are just simply stated facts.  What remains to be seen is the cost of production- the grade and the market. 

Troy-Crossroads oil? Which well or wells do you refer to?

I'd need to look up numbers-  I've been to them.. shallow operations- we're talking PA wells.. not massive gushers with James Dean dance'n in the black rain.  Why don't you know about this stuff??   

I happen to be friends with one of the old drillers of the Gaines field. We are talking about real IP rates not backyard oil. Show some evidence of real oil.


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