When was the last time there were no Utica Shale Permits issued for the week ?

I noticed last week there were zero permits issued for Utica wells in the state of Ohio, can anyone tell me the last time there was a one week period with no permits issued ? Just curious

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Week Ending 2015-04-04 had zero new permits.

Week Ending 2015-04-11 has four (4) new permits, all for American Energy Utica LLC, all in Nottingham Township Harrison County.

Just from memory there was a week back in early 2014 where the cumulative total didn't change but they had removed some permits from the list and added others for a net change of zero.

For a definitive answer to your question you would have to have saved each of the weekly reports of new permits for the last several years.  Then you would have to work your way back checking each file to find the one with zero.

The problem with using the Cumulative Report is that ODNR will change the Issue Date of the permit if the Driller makes a modification/change to the Permit.  I have found evidence of this by comparing the Cumulative Reports from week-to-week.

I have the Weekly Utica Reports consistently back to December 2013, some gaps from June 2013 to December 2013.  Also have weekly reports going back to 2012 but wasn't checking them on a regular basis back then.

Will try to dig through them over the next few days and post back.


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