Hi everybody! Just touching base with the old gang who used to respond to my posts before the big change. I'm so glad we have our old site back....!

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Glad to be back on and able to post again. The "Jerk with the glasses and smarthy grin" is OK! The rest of us will have a good reason to reply and dispute him and have fun doing it!

Bill L.

Long time lurker here.

I really missed the old site.

This is much appreciated Keith, and will get me to posting now when I have never in the past.

This forum (in the 'old' days) was an invaluable tool we referred to daily in our quest to intelligently manage our family asset. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge. We will return the favor(s) whenever we think it will be of benefit.

I want to thank Keith too for bringing back the previous format. Keith helped me many times to access the new format. Seems like time and time again my password failed to be accepted and I could not make any comments. I could read but not allowed to make any comment.

Apparently my email service was playing "musical chairs" and messing up my ability to make comments. So I just quit trying to post. However my email service has changed their format within the last 3 or 4 days and now I cannot find emails that I saved in the folders provided for that purpose. The Emails I saved pertained mostly to the leasing information about pipeline ROW's and emails from lawyers.

 Hopefully these folders will turn up one day soon.....but I am not going to hold my breath!

Bill L.

Not sure if I qualify as an old-timer, mostly a lurker, but glad to see GMS back in operation. Thanks to Keith for doing this.

Glad to be back to old format, such a helpful site.


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