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In PA I have heard two differing opinions on what make an area a sweet spot. First being the thickness of the shale, with Susquehanna, Wayne and Eastern Bradford Counties being in the NE area with the shale said to be 600 feet thick. Those counties have generally also had the higher production numbers initially. That is until they stopped producing full throttle.

The other thing I have heard about these "thick" shale areas is that in theory after the initial production within a unit is complete the company will drill and frack 100 feet deeper and get production from the next 100 feet of shale and so on and so forth. This has not been tested yet, but I have heard itmentioned by many in discussions about the subject.

My guess would be if your in an area in western PA or Ohio with both wet and dry gas you are sitting above generations of gas production which I certainly wish for everyone. It is always best to have more than one option. Here in dry gas central PA, we hope that another formation can be discovered someday but it appears the Uttica is too deep to be producable here because of over cooking.

Brian is the Upper Devonian or other shallow plays viable there? A few companies have done horizontals at shallow depths here and gotten good wet  gas production.

The only formation that has been successfully drilled in recent years in North Central PA/Southern Tier of NY is the Trenton/Black River. Most of those were drilled in NY though. I haven't heard of even a test well into the Upper Devonian.

Cabot has drilled the upper Marcellus, Oatka creek, middle marcellus Purcell and the lower marcellus Union Springs, there's also another shallow formation that is said to hold viable quantities of gas in NEPA. The last is the one responsible for methane migration in some areas. There was a map showing depth and thickness on here a while back, might be good to find it in regards to this thread, the drillbit tells the true tale.

I am in Jefferson Co Ohio. All the talk is about the wet Utica to the West of us but I have a feeling the Marcellus is going to produce what they are looking for in our area.We have Utica also but I believe it's dry. We have 100 acres unleased. Any help getting us a deal would be appreciated.


The best way to the Drake well from Rt. 108. 3/4 of a mile east of I-79 is W Park Rd. Take that south about 3 miles to W Liberty Rd. Turn left, the Drake well is 1/2 mile on your left.

Thanks, I will check it out next week.

It's fun to visit a old post and read the responses.


And I thought I was the only one.

Right smack in the middle of Susquehanna County

According to recent production reports, the wells in the SW corner of Susquhanna County, PA produce 20 - 25 million cubic feet per day. Usually there are 5 - 10 wells that average 20 million or more over the 30 day reporting period. It looks like Auburn, Brooklyn, Springville, and Harford townships are producing the most gas per well. What Marcellus areas are better ? I only pay attention to NEPA. I believe Cabot recently said they can still make a profit selling at $2/mcf. Thanks for reviving this thread.

Look at EQT's Analyst Presentations and Range Resources Company Presentations (both from their websites).  Nice maps from both companies. 


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