Anyone know which company(s) are still interested in offering a landowner friendly lease for unleased land in Guernsey County? I think we might be the one of the last parcels to be unleased.!?

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Are you still looking for a lease?

My 103 acres in Guernsey County is unleased too, Center Township, north of 70, east of 77.  The last I spoke with my neighbor with 50+/- acres (a couple months ago), they were unleased also. 

Have you leased?

Our property is still unleased at this time.

call Aubrey McClendon. American Energy Partners. They were the high bidder on Shell's 50,000 Ohio acres. And Enervest's 22,000 acres,mostly in Guernsey co.

Appreciate the information and will be checking things out.  Thanks.


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