Mahoning Valley Minerals LLC is apparently offering agreements to some folks in Columbiana County.

However they are listed as a Ohio fictitious name per Bizpedia:

Registered by Spurgeon Land Services LLC, 663 Calla Rd, East Poland, OH 44514 on 2/21/14;

Who, per Bizpedia:

is registered by Northwest Registered Agent Service, Inc, 2012 W 25th Street,Cleveland OH, 44113 as an Ohio foreign limited liability company for Spurgeon Land Services  LLC in Alto Texas.

Apparently they are hitting up select residents in Columbiana County through a local real estate agent or agency. Anyone hear of who the local real estate company peddling these oil and gas agreements?  I don't know if they are leases or minerals purchase agreements. So far I know of them meeting with an elderly person.  I suggest many people out there look out for our close elderly relatives to help them understand what is in documents that can be difficult to understand.  I've read about people who thought they signed leases only to find out they were really purchases that left the seller only a partial residual royalty.  Ultimately the decisions are the seller/lessor but sometimes folks just need help realizing if it's a lease or sale, or partial sale.  Legal documents can be unclear and overwhelming with legal jargon.  Having an attorney look these documents over can always help, too.  

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I don't know Mike.

The 80 acre lease I'm told indicated a max. 640 acre pool.

name me one EV utica well in the north ....I dont find any on ODNR maps


Mineral BUYERS often create small LLC's as a liability issue. Many, if not most, small brokers are landmen. They may be operating independently BUYING minerals or they may be LEASING upon behalf of parties who do not want to yet be identified.  You have to examine the proffered documents and see.

I continue to be amazed at folks who do not even attempt to read the documents that they are handed to sign involving tens to perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I wonder what they would say if you told them you would sell your interest in the Brooklyn Bridge for $100? Would they bite? Then why do they not vet these leases and mineral deeds?

BTW most brokers accumulate a number of mineral DEEDs then flip them for 20-50% profit to a larger royalty company.  And that company may be accumulating holdings to sell to a pension fund, university trust fund or an oil company.


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