Why America does not trust lying anti-American leftists and environmentalists


I found the above article cruising the energy page of realclearpolitics.com. Every time I see this Heckbert character on this site I think about Algore and his idiotic environmentalist stances and predictions.

I also know that these leftists are really anti-capitalist and anti-American, they lie and lie, and then lie some more.

For every truth they rarely tell there are a litany of lies, half truths and obfuscations.

I also remember barakHUSSEINobama in 2008 running for president saying:

"We could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups."

Barack Obama on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 in Springfield, Mo.

The only thing more absurd than the statement he made was Politifact actually backing it up:


So, you have a choice and most of us make the right one. The problem is the few who do not are the loudest in denouncing the rest of us.

Sad part is that environmentalism is a worthy cause and these people neuter the cause with their abhorrent behaviors.

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I agree bungalow_steve - this post is totally out of line.  Go post on Rush Limbaugh's FB page - Keith, this crap kills this site.

Thank you Markus and bungalow steve for your well thought out and well articulated rebuttals to my thread.

Peace of mind is just a click away.


One of the things I like about this site is the variety of subject matter and the varying perspectives.

I also like the fact that it is self moderating, in other words it's up to me to read or not read what is posted.

In other words we are being treated as adults, able to make our own choices.

So if I don't like a thread I don't read it.

The funniest part is the Limbaugh reference, a man who I thoroughly dislike and would never strive to imitate.

Anyhow, if Heckbert  can have his discussion I can have mine. I don't mind opposing points of view and I don't mind replies with no substantive rebuttals which are mostly an emotional repulse.


Our country is set apart from  others by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, In particular the first amendment which guarantees our right to freedom of expression.

It's no secret that I and Paul Heckbert agree on very little, if anything, with regard to oil and gas development. But I defend his right to express his beliefs. Under the right of free expression I have a right to express my disagreement with his comments.

Nothing could be more American than this forum where we all freely express our thoughts and opinions.

Anyone who disagrees with this free expression is anti-American.

Capitalism is the engine that drives prosperity and jobs for any country willing to implement it.   Unfortunately, we now have crony capitalism and that is more like fascism in  many ways.   Certain people get the deals and others do not.

BUT, it is the best system we have and it needs to survive.  I agree that these Sanders supporters are absolute nutjobs and the scary part is that they AGREE with him.  What has happened to this country?  I have a 12 years old son and decided to homeschool him.  He now attends "Freedom Project Academy" which is an online school that espouses judeo-christian values, classical curriculum and capitalism.   Next year he gets a class in economics and logic - based on Mises economics; he will have that Schiff book, "How an economy grows and why it crashes"as a textbook.  There will be a few young minds growing up with the right ideas, but not many.  Sad.

  Anyone familiar with Jude Wanniski? He was an adviser to and helped design the tax cuts in Reagan's first term. He also helped to popularize the "Laffer Curve" and has been credited with the term of "supply-side economics".

    You wonder why the country is even contemplating Socialism today?

    Jude wrote "“What we should admit to begin with, if we can, is that good socialism is better than bad capitalism. The logic of the statement is really inescapable. It is only when capitalism fails that people and nations resort to alternative forms of political economy. A socialist system that is working well is one that is fully deploying the nation’s resources through a central plan that has the approval of the people. It would be superior to a capitalist system that is working so poorly that its adherents must find excuses for mass unemployment, widely diverging income classes, and deepening social pathologies. The price paid for any form of socialism is the loss of some degree of individual freedom, but when the only alternative is bad capitalism of the type described, a people willingly pay that price.”

  There was a great article written in Forbes magazine two years ago that is a must read. http://www.forbes.com/sites/cedricmuhammad/2013/11/20/3-reasons-why...  

   He also wrote the "Two Santa Claus Theory". That one is easy to find and it explains how both sides of the aisle have been gaming us for the last 30+ years.

We can't even admit that our form of govt is a hybrid system that was set up with some aspects of socialism from the start. Many of the good things in our system of govt have become perverse and skewed. As individuals we are losing any sense of community, people don't even know their neighbors next door anymore. Our economy is becoming a grab bag and very few are able to get their hand in the bag.

I haven't heard of that guy; I AM familiar with Paul Craig Roberts who I alsi think was in Reagan's treasury department.   I will look up the ones you mentioned; I am always interested in different views.


You improperly imply that Wanniski preferred a socialist system, he did not.

   I did not imply that. The question was raised, "What has happened to this country"? The quote from Mr. Wanniski pretty well sums in up. I believe that he recognized what could happen when abject greed took over and this was his warning. I underlined the most pertinent part which clearly states what we are seeing today.



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