This is a decent site, I suspect it's monitored by the majors.  The undertone of the posts seems to be fear, imo.  You have a reason to be afraid as you are in a position where information is asymmetric.  They have it, you don't.  You know you're bringing a knife to a gun fight.  John Meynard Keynes said " in the long run, we're all dead".  Unwillingness to compromise or negotiate is the last resort of the ignorant.  No one gets the top price in the stock market, don't expect it in O&G.  Life isn't fair, cut your own deal and move on.  Anyone who tries to extrapolate recent deals is a fool.  You can't know all the variables.  Have I left out any cliches?


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 Josh FAUX

Hi Mark,

I'm puzzled at your need to label people. I'm also puzzled at your inconsistent rules: you certainly haven't responded to all my responses to your posts. I also don't remember seeing any "facts" in your many posts. I usually try to include sources in mine, which is why it sometimes takes me awhile to respond. It's easy to say "you're wrong" or to accuse someone of misinformation. It takes more time to consider what's been said, why it's been said, look at sources, and weigh pros and cons. That's what I'm trying to do. If that doesn't fit your agenda, that's fine. But be aware that you don't set the rules here. 

I do take offence at you suggesting that someone who doesn't answer a response right away is like a terrorist. Seriously? I understand that your agenda requires you to label people concerned about environmental issues "terrorists" - but what do you gain from it? 

And I'd like to also point out that while you may have five or more hours a day to monitor posts, see if anyone is out of line, and make sure folks know who they should be agreeing with and who they should be attacking, not everyone has that kind of time to devote to the conversation. So the fact that I may not be online, or on this site, when you post one of your responses, doesn't mean I'm running and hiding - it may just mean that this isn't my full time job. 

  Carol I was wonder if your have a tactic here that the members are not getting on to. There are 11,926 members on this site with less than half being addicted (LOL) to this site. As a result you draw the attention of some very well written arguments that are not being seen by the general public. Surley if these members would divert their posted reply's here to the media that run articles upon drilling and fracking perhaps our arguments could be seen by millions. 

  Members here could easily copy and post to the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and in localities where supposed grass roots movements are clobbering the local media to get local bans through the old moratorium approach.

  I personally will not respond and waste my time with you when my message might be able to be read by thousands and draw their support with drilling. Simply why waste my time with you?

  I am off to the newspapers.

 This is where our post hit home at home!

  He is a jerk but he is a politician that can read the writing or be replaced!

"This is a typical leftist tactic. Don't address the issue presented by a person; instead attack the other

person personally. Well done Comrade !"  

Maybe some of you people  should go back and review the comments you made about a young man by the name of Chance Metz in the ohio disposal well and earthquake blogs. Talk about name calling and personal attacks and not addressing issues. 

Yup; probably one of the most benign (& most maligned) pesticides out there.  Go figure.

frack the heck out of your property......Then move.

That person was an idiot

The U.S. has one LNG export facility in Kenai, Alaska. It has been exporting LNG to Japan for more than 30 years ( Others have been proposed: Sabine, LA, Freeport, TX, Corpus Christi, TX ( Just a taste of an emerging new U.S. product.

Yes. There are a few facilities on the Gulf of Mexico that import, and then re-export what we do not use.


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