This is a decent site, I suspect it's monitored by the majors.  The undertone of the posts seems to be fear, imo.  You have a reason to be afraid as you are in a position where information is asymmetric.  They have it, you don't.  You know you're bringing a knife to a gun fight.  John Meynard Keynes said " in the long run, we're all dead".  Unwillingness to compromise or negotiate is the last resort of the ignorant.  No one gets the top price in the stock market, don't expect it in O&G.  Life isn't fair, cut your own deal and move on.  Anyone who tries to extrapolate recent deals is a fool.  You can't know all the variables.  Have I left out any cliches?


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I have a great idea , have the odnr and epa inforce the laws that are already in place .

This alone would be a game changer and reduce this issue . 

Problem is that they have turned there back so long that the chickens are coming home to roost .

Everyone is afraid because the oil and gas companies hide the truth. if you want it it's right here, GASLAND that's the truth.

Just another High-Stepper, saluting the Glorius Leader as they march along with the rest of the sheep.  Baaaa, baaaaa.

Uhhhh yah.... Gasland is the truth... what rock have you been living under?  Josh Fox has as much regard for journalistic integrity as Adolph Hitler had respect for racial diversity. 

in october i had my well water tested on my farm... 2 months before they started drilling.  i was told to vent my well cause there was so much methane it could explode.  i am still laughing about it.  i might have a hard time proving that fracking caused   anyone who watches gasland and believes it is beyond help.  mark

GASLAND is the TRUTH?????  Yeah, and I am Bo Peep!


heres a great read,    dammed beavers       hilarious story of government incompetence.

Matthew, you need to do a lot more research into that movie and its claims, before you hang your beliefs on it....Or you will be just another sheeple chasing the next 'truth' that comes along. It is sad that you stated the above, because there have been so many credible people that have completely debunked the vast majority of the  movie  Gaslands claims. That's why we call it a movie, it is mostly fiction.

Don't become unglued reading this, go and do some serious research and THEN you will find the truth.

I do extensive research on hydraulic fracturing. Also go to many, many meetings held by the gas companies. They are the ones who cover up the truth. The Halliburton Loophole, not being regulated by the EPA, do not have to follow the rules under the Clean Air and Water Act.

matthew, whats your research tell you?

Gee, I couldn't find any research there. I found a lot of leftist propaganda but nothing that even remotely qualifies as research or involves scientific methods.


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