Will the OHIO Legislature still work with Gov. Kasich to pass an increase in severance in the face of a declining market?

Anyone paying attention to what is going on with Kasich wanting to raise the severance?  Last I heard the legislature was considering working with him on the issue.  I hope that since OPEC's actions have resulted in less US drilling activity, American/ Ohio energy companies and workers don't also get whacked by their elected officials.

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Now that members have safely won reelection they can revisit the idea of raising taxes.  Same as it ever was...

They should be looking at leasing the 21000 acres under Salt Fork state park, or the oil&gas rights under I-70 &  7I-77 in Guernsey,Noble,Belmont co.s  If they need $$$

21,000 more acres of gas to add to the glut.


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