Windmills kill marine life and can produce more CO2 then coal fired power plants?

"Wind turbine underwater noise and marine mammals: implications of current knowledge and data needs"

This paper is from 2006 but only recently has ocean noise impact been looked at.


"How a wind farm could emit more carbon than a coal power station"

Not the best article on this topic but it was wrote in 2009. This only hit main stream news 3 days ago?


It's hard for the truth to direct policy when the "warm fuzzy feeling" that some folks get charging their IPad (made with Industrial and rare earth metals often mined with slave labor) with wind and sunshine is more important than the environment.

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US,  They have to build a road, bring in the windmill, pour a bizzillion tons of concrete and dig a huge hole to put the concrete in.  The bogs there are not level.  Once they disturb the bogs or the hills slip the peat dries out releasing the CO2.  How much concrete does it take to keep the windmill from blowing over.  Maybe they can just float the windmills on magical unicorns.  How much more to keep them anchored in the ocean floor.  You can be damn sure if an oil rig disturbed as much sea floor they would be banned till the unicorns come home.  They are huge. 

US, Not all peat bogs are level.  The earth has shifted since the bogs were formed.  The slips have caused draining.  I don't think there was ever intensional draining.  The point is windmills and solar panels have been put in place with the asumption they don't have negative impact without impact studies ever being done.  Only recently have concerns of impact been studied.  The rush for alternatives have been fueled more by feelings than science.

For every ton of cement used to make concrete, a ton of co2 is put into the air.  The earth produces about 94 -97% of all the co2 produced (depending on your sources), just the normal decaying of matter.  To think that mans' production of co2 causes global warming is absurd.   Add that to co2 is only a small percentaget of the global waming gas (if you believe it is global warmng gas), only 3-6 percentage points of the global warming gases.  The biggest global waming gas is water vapor, and we can't stop water vapor in the air.  Climate change is real, man made climate change is made up in politicains heads.


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