Anybody know what happened with XTO's Utica test in South Buffalo Twp. Armstrong County?  They drilled a couple Marcellus wells and one Utica off the same pad back in May and from what I can tell they only completed the Marcellus wells.  Curious as to why they didn't test the Utica well.

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Maybe they just did a Utica pilot well and took cores and logs?

According to the PA DEP website for production records none of these wells including the Marcellus wells are producing.   Could their be a gathering pipeline issue?   Is a new pipeline under construction?   This well pad doesn`t show-up in the website.   Why?   

The marcellus wells all have completion reports filed to the DEP in July.  If production didn't start until August it wouldn't be out on the DEP website yet.  Could still be a pipeline issue though.

The report they filed with the DEP shows the Utica well was drilled and has a lateral of over 12,000 feet. Would be an expensive well to see no return.

Was the Utica well fracked & completed too?   This well is fairly close to the CNX Utica wells near Beaver Run Reservoir.   It will be interesting to learn how productive this Trilogy well compares to those wells.   XTO has drilled several bad Utica wells in Indiana & Jefferson counties in recent years.   A 12,000' lateral is an impressive well!

No frac report was ever filed for the Utica well unless something happened with the well where they weren't able to complete it or they saw something they didn't like.

Anyone know what happened to this Utica well?   Is XTO just shutting it in until a later date or was there a problem with it?   XTO`s Utica well near Homer City in Indiana County was a failure. 

XTO is done for now. They are cleaning up title work in Marion Co WV. You may not see them back in PA until next year.

Any news for these wells?   How is XTO doing now?


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