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Because they are selling it cheap  to the landowners, selling it to Companies they own taking most of their royalties back in deductions from the Land owners and The State Game Lands! so Chesapeake is the Bread Winner NOT the people!  If that money stayed in OUR State the People of Pennsylvania Benefit, that is Lost tax Dollars and that's is how I see it!

That is how I see it , it is a discussion and so I bought it up, I believe it is interesting .  Also I feel until they Pass that Law HB BILL 1684 People should be very wary to sign anything!


Well the part about selling to companies they own and the deductions ... you should have had provisions preventing that in your lease!

And I have no problem making money but  selling gas to their own subsidiaries is SCR___ing  the people of Pennsylvania, I also believe until they Pay what we AGREED on Contracts Pennsylvanians should make sure this bill gets passed !

That is a lot of money , the way I see it underpayment of Royalties effects everything and it effects our Federal State Game Lands!  So I see it differently. If the people had that money then we could hire more people to watch them and it also could go to our schools etc.......

I see it quite differently, I am not a Board Member I am a tax payer of Pennsylvania and yes that does piss me off when I here our schools need paper , pencils , cutting programs!

That is the way I see it !

Insider buying is a good thing when it is done in accordance with SEC laws and regs, as appear to have been done here.  Nice to know company officers are confident enough in their own company to make enough to improve the share prices not only for them but for all shareholders. And putting their own money in flux would motivate them to do a good job at managing company affairs.As for exporting nat gas, it is carefully controlled by the Gov which is why LNG terminal approval is so slow. They have studied the situation and determined that exporting gas will raise the price of nat gas by 5% or less. And since E & P companies have consistently outproduced expectations, the affect on prices may be negligible. Exporting nat gas will spur new development, create jobs, generate tax revenue, lower our foreign trade deficit, weaken Russia's hold on Europe and defund their expansionism, clean air by displacing foreign coal-fired plants, and a couple more positives.  Whats not to like?

"Whats not to like?"

Dear god, you had to ask... (quickly looking for a place to hide...)


I believe the former Chesapeake CEO, Aubrey McClendon, was buying shares in CHK during the onslaught of the financial crisis of 2008 trying to give investors a calm during the market upheaval.  He got slaughtered and in return had margin calls and he almost lot everything.  He knew what the firm was worth.  This actually happened to quit a bit of CEO's during this time. 

CEO's buy stock in the company all the time.  This is not new.  McClendon has said for years CHK is worth $60-$70 a share.  You need to step up to the plate and start buying shares of CHK if you think Archie is getting it at a discount.  Stop badgering and join in while the price is low.  I do own CHK stock.  I have been buying it in the price range of $17-$24 over the past two years.  I think it is cheap considering the acreage it has.  I also own land in Ohio. 

Yup and if I bought shares it would be against what I believe!  Oh yes I have thought of that!  But I live by what I believe and I do not support a company taking advantage of the People!

We shall see , I am guessing Stocks will shoot up when the gas goes overseas!  Good for you, I just can't!  Seems immoral to me !

This new guy is no better!

There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are not screwing taxpayers out of money their communities deserve!  They also need to abide to their Contracts of what PA State Laws says and pay 12.5 percent and not sell it to themselves ! 

I would be totally happy then!

So Jim you are saying exactly my point!  So stocks will soar?

Locals  of Bradford County did not get too many jobs from gas, as a matter of fact they brought people from the South so your argument about jobs does not work for me!  I know I housed people that could not find homes and were going to be charged 6000.00 a month rent!  I did not stick it to people that did not have a home.You see I will not screw people to make my money! I will work for it and I will not intentionally screw Americans to get the big money!   Making a living is quite different then  making a living and screwing your neighbor!  I will just wait for Kharma it always happens:) Hey if Chesapeake pays up , no problem but not 12.5 then get out of Pennsylvania!  


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