What do you all think about this deal with Antero.  There is a signing next week involving several townships.  somerset, warren, wayne, union, flushing, kirkwood, and goshen.  Does the utica landowners group get money per acre from the 5700?  Im wondering if they are using this big signing to only cherry pick the ones they really want.  I would like to find a company that is gaurenteed to pay instead of forcing us to wait several months and then have to be released because of nonpayment. 

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What does it mean when Antero files lease ratifications with the courthouse?  Does that mean those people got paid?

It probably means Antero bought existing leases from another producer and is now declaring their ownership at the courthouse.

Theresa and Finnbear,

Do either of you know if it was existing leases that Antero filed and if so what company they may have been from?   Antero in the last ten days was attempting to get ratifications on leases from XTO/Beck Energy in Noble County and am wondering if XTO/Beck Energy was involved in this in Belmont?

Not sure about that but all recent (1992-present) records are online for Belmont county. You could do some research there.

Belmont County Recorder

Thanks Finnbear, forgot those records were online;  over here in Monroe if one pays for access the records are online and most people don't even know that access is available. 

I know several of the ratifications are their own leases that they have let expire then decided they wanted them after all.  I was told today Antero is completely pulling out of the Goshen area. 


Joe - is there any way to get my release through sooner? They told me it will be a minimum of 2 months before they can process it.


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