I have seen all the good leases I was wandering  if I  could  see a CRAPPY LEASE ??  Because all the grat leases they tell me is the best out there so I thought some reverse psychology might help me out?? just sayin!!

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Most all the leases were crappy back in the 1980's, totally favoring the drillers. Very few landowners asked for riders or addendums. With the introduction of landowner groups and their leases, the leases are one-sided favoring the landowner. Many of these leases have been rejected by the drillers because they are too one sided. People in some landowner groups were, and will be left out. There are ways to negotiate a lease to protect both sides and make it fair for all. If we don't meet the drillers in the middle and negotiate a fair lease, they will just move to another county or state.


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