I just got my 1st royalty check and was disappointed.

I didn't expect a lot for several reasons but didn't think they would be taking so much out for "gathering" (34%), and also a little for "third party". Total deducts came to 37.5% which I thought was excessive.

Does this seem normal?

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    Go to propublica.org and do a search on Abrahm Lustgarten. He wrote several stories about Chesapeake's use of pipelines to short royalties.

Look for the story "Unfair Share" dealing with PA landowners. There are several more on the website.

You were probably paid for 4 or 5 months of production. The trend based on my experience and all other landowners under production is "It will only get worse from here". Sorry you didn't get the word, but I've been telling landowners to be sitting down when they get each royalty statement.

I see in Texas that Chesapeake just settled with the royalties owners for the same thing that's going on in Pa. They had a good judge who saw through chesapeaks deductions.

I see Doug McLinko got shot down again in Harrisburg on the new bill he is trying to get passed, house bill 1684 to increase our pay to the 12.5 % that we were supposedly guaranteed in 1979.  Not surprised, seems like it just goes round and round and nowhere.


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