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I was wondering if people have started getting royalty checks in Bradford yet. My husband and I own 25 acres and have negotiated 20% royalty along with a $5500 bonus. We signed last year. How much will we make in royalties? I know that there are many variables but I'm just looking for a ballpark. I know there are online calculators but I have no idea about some of the variables I need to input. If anyone can help me out with info, please let me know. Thanks!

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Deductions are not taken from the Friendsville leaseholders, so while the language in that lease may not be perfect (subject of debate), it has thus far prevented against deductions whether these leases are held by Talisman or CHK.


Your point regarding Chesapeake is well taken. And I agree in that case.

But it has to be remembered that Talisman is not taking deductions even on its boilerplate leases. Talisman, very much to its credit, foregoes all deductions voluntarily.

For anyone in Gardner SE Unit in Albany township , Bradford county, they sent out division orders in april of 2013 and I sent them back. I just now realized there was a big error in the unit declaration and cant get anyone from chesapeake to respond to my messages. At the bottom of Exibit a ,which is the list of owners and property in the unit , there were seven entries in the chart that were did not have owner names but did have parcel #'s, one entry of those had my parcel # on it for 4.169 acres. When I called Chesapeakes offices i was told that acreage was definitely not in that unit , it was included in another unit . The other entries at bottom were repeat enties from earlier in the list and were to be disregarded according to the  land analyst I spoke to. So... I Thought they were not included in the total unit figure. Then last week I decided to add up all entries on the list and in fact, these seven extra listings , totaling approximately 37 acres , are included in the total 624 acre unit size. this changes the calculation of everyones royalty decimal interest in the unit ,where you divide your total property in the unit by the total unit size and then multiply by your royalty percentage in your lease. OHHH... The mistake is in the gas company's favor by the way.

Andrea's comment is very interesting. It now seems that everyone who has division orders and who is part of a unit should check the math. Question anything that does not add up. Make the companies explain creative math.

That is not a new error. It's gone on since 2009. Keep after them eventually they will fix it but only if you persist. Good Luck from a "weary warrior".

Thanks for the feedback , John and Outlaw . I know large companies count on the little guy feeling helpless , frustrated , and eventually complacent . This forum's encouragement and information sharing is an important tool to keep us trying to get a fair deal. . I will persist , I just found the email for Chesapeakes division order department inquirydo@chk.com and will try that tomorrow. I wonder if the rally at Towanda's courthouse is still on for 11 am tomorrow , I would like to support the 12.5% minimum royalty legislation( after deductions) it is targeted toward.

Is there anyone considering selling their production?

Give me a call to discuss, 203 856 4799.


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