All things pertaining to Middlesex Twp gas drilling activities or lack thereof.

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Mr. Walczak anyone can write a report and state unproven facts, hearsay, or wish full thinking. I have never seen a report with a minimum offset of two miles from a school, if anyone has please post. The DEP regulations determine if a well site can be issued a permit.

Took the words right outta my mouth spotter.

"We don’t care if you frack. We just don’t want it within two miles of a school, which based on our research is the minimum you need "

Perhaps they would like to publish that research so all of us can be as well informed on the subject as they are.

They have all kind of "studies" on the Mars Parent Group.  They had a gentleman testify of the harms of a gas well.  When he was asked if he had ever been on a gas well.  His response was NO.

We all know that the Mars parent group monitor this site. I have worked in the industry for forty years, mostly midstream. Never heard of a two mile offset In any type of gas operation. However I try to look at ever thing with an open mind,. If this report does exist which I do not believe it does, Mr. Walczak please post your report with the sources of the findings, When you make a statement like you did I'm not sure it is proven by a factual report. Mr. Walczak we all know how attorneys like you operate , through a lot of mud at the wall and hope some of it sticks. Post the report and if I'm wrong I apologize.   Bust of luck Cat and FMKTV

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't pittsburgh airport have a bunch of wells around it?

udge extends ban on drilling at disputed Middlesex wellBy Rick Wills Staff Reporter 
Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 1:00 p.m.
Updated 1 hour ago

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A Butler County judge blocked any natural gas drilling at a controversial well in Middlesex near a school until at least Sept. 18.

Common Pleas Judge S. Michael Yeager earlier this month blocked drilling there for 30 days.

Two environmental groups and four Middlesex residents appealed to Common Pleas Court the township zoning board's decision to uphold changes that supervisors made allowing drilling in most of the township.

Yeager gave the township, the well's owner and Rex Energy Inc. which is developing the well, until Aug. 8 to appeal his order.

The order makes no mention of a $250,000 bond that Yeager initially asked the drilling opponents to secure while work is halted. The bond would have mitigated against any losses tha

Very, very quiet. Have not heard a peep about any of this for quite a while.

Everything is on hold again until September 18th.  

air monitors are up near the high school.

Does anyone know why there is no hearing today?

I thought the date of the hearing was the 18th, tomorrow but either way, I heard it was postponed but not sure why


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