All things pertaining to Middlesex Twp gas drilling activities or lack thereof.

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The person in this article's who is so upset moved to this area 3.5  years ago and guess what moved back to Illinois between the time this article was published and the last few weeks.  

I know right....way to stir up a big old mess for everyone that has lived here for YEARS and plans on staying here. 


Rex's take on things, they have applied for new permits for the drilling at the Geyer pad.  LewPa

Permits renewed in Middlesex Municipality:
Authorization # 1086310 has been updated on 9/11/2015.
Subfacility ID=1132346 Name=GEYER UNIT 1H
Subfacility ID=1132347 Name=GEYER UNIT 2H
Subfacility ID=1132308 Name=GEYER UNIT 5H
Subfacility ID=1132326 Name=GEYER UNIT 3H 
Subfacility ID=1132677 Name=GEYER UNIT 4H
Subfacility ID=1132311 Name=GEYER UNIT 6H

Thank you LH for posting this. Whatever happened to the concept of balanced reporting?  A concept WPXI is not aware of.

What about the landowners and their inalienable right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness on their private land.

no one is talking about this side of the story are they?

This case was just ordered on 9/14/2015 which deals with the same issues with the township and challengers to zoning. 

Just might be the precedent Butler needed. 


No one is saying you have to lease your acreage to the OG companies. You can do whatever you want with your property, the problem seems to be, people trying to tell other property owners what they can do. LewPa

Absolutely, I think this is more about that and not just using their land that they leased. 

what if they wanted to do something entirely different and you didn't like it and challenged the township not to let this happen. 

Also the zoning board is for land use only, its not for nuisance control which a lot of their complaints are. 

No surpise. WPXI is the tabloid local station.

Interview with the ACLU attorney


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