Is anyone in the group knowledgeable about current events, particularly near Overbrook Road?  What type of unitization is in process for what well?

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Great news LH. Thanks for posting!
Any new units in Middlesex of late?
Let the drilling least for now.

Wow, can't believe I missed that one.

Judge did not leave much grey area there, pretty strong decision.

They will appeal again but their case looks much weaker.

Here is another article about the decision on the zoning/Geyer well pad.

They are saying that they will appeal. This is going to cost Middlesex Twp. quite a lot in the end.

According to an article I read at least $100,000.

Yes, $100,000 at least. The Twp. has already cut back on their road improvements to pay the litigation fees.  A lot of the money came from the road dept., at least that is what I was told at one of the Twp. meetings. The article really doesn't state that. 

I saw that they put on hold buying a police car and putting in air conditioning also. Of course the opposing side is making fun of that and also pertaining to the townshop as the Dukes of Hazzards and few other choice words. Very mature. Also, someone stated that Bob and Kim Geyer inherited their land. I was under the assumption they bought that land on Denny. Not that it matters but once again they are misinformed.
Shouldn't the party creating the suit be responsible for costs especially when there is no fault on the part of the accused. Otherwise a person could get buried in court costs for doing absolutely nothing wrong!

That seems logical but I don't pretend to understand the legal system. I expect taxes will have to be raised at some point to pay for this. The Twp. has cut almost everything to the bone and I don't see any place else for them to cut. Maybe all the new development that will come when the landowners sell their property will bring in new tax money.

Hopefully. Isn't there an old saying "if you don't like it, leave!"


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