Is anyone in the group knowledgeable about current events, particularly near Overbrook Road?  What type of unitization is in process for what well?

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Any word on new wells in Middlesex?

Attached are 3 articles that should be of interest. I have been wondering what was in Judge Yeager's written decision in the lawsuit against MIddlesex Twp. Some parts of his decision are included in the Little Green Bullies article.  The second article talks about another lawsuit brought by a resident in another part of PA represented by none other than Jordan Yeager, Middlesex Twp.'s antagonist.  He does get around.

Little Green Bullies Lose; Landowners Triumph

I didn't vote for either of those candidates running for the school board.  It's getting old hearing the same stuff over and over again from these people.   Where were these people back in early 2000 when the first wells were installed.  They didn't care one bit about it then.  If this was the very first Well, then maybe they had something to fight about but it isn't.   They had a so called expert witness during the township zoning hearing. When asked if he was ever on a well site, he said no.  So tell me how he is an expert witness.  

How these so called adults talk about the people that run this township and the names that they use to describe these people is just childish and ridiculous. Calling them Dukes of Hazzards and Boss Hoggs.. Grow up.  After the judge's recent decision to allow the drilling to continue, he was accused of being paid by the drilling company.  I did see another comment made that Rex wrote the drilling ordinance that Middlesex  made effective last August.

Like one of the articles stated above.  Nothing was done illegally. They were granted the permit because they had all their T's crossed and their I's dotted.  Nothing was done illegally but because these people did not get their way, it was all crooked and done illegally.

I'm not sure what will happen now. I know they are going to appeal the judges decision so will Rex bring in a drilling rig and start drilling or will they wait until they appeal and see what outcome of that case.   I'm just wondering.


I don't know if Rex will hurry and bring in a rig , gas prices are too low. 

They might if the pipeline is in place and they can get the gas to market right away.

Doe anyone know if they put the pipeline in between Geyer and Kennedy?

That pipeline was never put in and never started

This person who wrote this article, has a home in Middlesex which is near a gas well. This person didn't exist or complain publically until the Geyer well pad. Her and her family have left and moved to Illinois to get away from drilling and cracking.

This person and her husband are trying to sell their home in Middlesex and post about it all over Facebook. I have to admit it is beautiful and in a beautiful area.

What bothers me is that they don't mention in their posts about the home being near a gas well and if you have children, they will be going to school near the gas well. You don't want to live near it but you are ok selling your home to another family and exposing them to the "dangers" of fracking(her feelings about fracking, not mine).


This person is also the one that brought Jordan Yeager and a lawsuit to us. In August she moved to Geneseo, IL.

They are all hypocrytes. Someone posted a comment to the Marcellus Outreach Middlesex facebook page asking several times how these people heat their homes. The only answer they gave was this "Still out of revelant arguments, huh?".

Thank you LH. Curious if the point of this site is to keep up to date regarding the drilling/pipeline activity going on in the township OR is it to track every movement of those who are trying to have responsible drilling in reasonable areas of the township? I try my best to see both sides. Even though I am a leaseholder, I question at times if all decisions leaseholders make are in the best interest of their neighbors and the community. I think it is important to keep an open mind...for instance...not everyone heats their home with natural gas. I do want to say thank you for having a site where all of us can have a central location to stay informed.


This guy's a flake, tried to run for County Commissioner, voters showed what they thought of him! Spews contant lies and half truthes about drilling. Looks to me like hardly any of the signatures are from Butler Co or maybe that wasn't a important priority. My problem with this buffoonery is that the unimformed take it as gospel. 

Any recent Middlesex developments these days? Or with Rex?


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