Since it is quiet in here....

Any new rumors concerning O&G floating around?

Anyone know of any pads being created?

Just trying to keep this forum alive.....

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PK looks like Carroll County has given up the ghost. Have you heard anything new about Rex Energy?

lots of new padsgoing in,louden i s loaded,new compression staion going on 164 by kilgore

PK,  Below are interactive maps for Ohio and WV that show where wells have been permitted and drilled The horizontal bore is shown as a line from the well. The WV interactive map is for the Marcellus. The Ohio map is for all wells. The last link had an XL spreadsheet with all the permitted wells in Ohio, Driller, Location in Lognitude Longitude etc. It was recently changed and I haven't poked around enough to find it again, but there is interesting information if you want to look at it.

There is not much happening in the Wayne County WV discussion group, but there has been an offer to lease but it was way too low. Being in the Wayne County WV group is like talking to yourself.

Come over and visit if you have a chance.

The drilling rig is going up on the Cummings pad off county road 11.

That must be the rig I saw them trucking down 39 the other day. Makes sense. Thanks!

Appears the Marsha pad off Burrow Road is done.

The pipeline from the Rutledge Well is being put in now.

now if they would just come over to the other side of Union Twp.....


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