Several weeks ago Chesapeake told me in a phone conversation that they planned to build. A Pad on the Ramsey farm this summer. The farm is in rose township on clay rd. has anyone seen/heard anything about this potential well pad? - denver

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He said Chpk is still evaluating the wet gas play. He agrees with your opinion about the wet gas extending further west. Time will tell what Chpk is going to do!

On November 21st we were contacted again. This time for more seismic work. On Monday the 26th the trucks were back on the farm doing more soundings. There are still wires on the property now. Who knows when the pad will be set and the drilling will commence.

Deborah, you are a very busy person. I appreciate your information and any new information you can supply. I never thought about "well watching" as a hobby. I may have to try it. - Denver

Just talked to my connection at Chesapeake. There is nothing on the schedule for Rose TWP for at least the next 12 months for sure and maybe more. This area of the county (Rose TWP) with land that is HBP (Held by production) has issues with everything as far as land titles and royalty payments all in proper order. And with the restructure of Chesapeake there are less people working in their title/legal department to clear this up. Plus of course pipeline infrastructure. So, with that said it looks like 2 to 5 years away for any activity on the Ramsey Pad.


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