Wow the welfare and morale of the people. I didn't realize the morale and welfare of carroll county residents was down. Now for those visiting, renting,and just passing threw didn't realize there morale was top priority. But emergency sessions for this. Just amazed our values are where. Just my opinion what's yours. I hope i'm not alone

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Where? I want to go.

I would like to think our moral standing is a bit better than that and that this will not come to much more than an unrealized idea (a bad one) that someone had.

Things are going to change but through it all we have to maintain who we are as individuals and as a community. I think those battles will be interesting and taxing.

I couldn't agree with PK more.  These sleazy operators try to enter the community through the front door by attempting to put their establishments in the downtown areas, like Carrollton.  If they find that the doors are locked, they don't give up, and will be setting up outside the city limits.  Everyone please contact the Carroll County Commissioners,  Jeff Ohler, Tom Wheaton, and Doyle Hawk to please pass an emergency ordinance against establishments of this type to lock them out of the unincorporated areas of Carroll County. We really don't need this type of thing in our community.

always open privit club out side the city limits and charge $50.00 a night

Lol can i borrow 50

Plenty of well paying jobs for young men; now some for young women

Where were all you moral folks when the gambling joints started to go up in town???? Personally, I don't see much difference in the morality of either type of establishment! If women want to bare it all and men want to watch or do whatever-they're consenting adults----it's their business. Yet, I do think out of town would be a more appropriate place for a club such as this.  And they could put the slot machine places out there too.


You should live in Belmont County. Jill's Gentlemen's Club advertises on Billboards, TV, and Radio. All of this is hard to explain to your children.


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