Near as I can tell, right now we have 3 options;

   1 &2)  Join a group.

                a) NWPA Landowners


                b) CX energy.


   3) Negotiate on your own.


To start this discussion, are there any other options out there?

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"Good things come to he who waits."


well, yes and no - you wait too long and they could pass you by... if a decent offer comes along, I would seriously consider it...  to counter your 'saying': "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Yes, let's 'do see', Sam...good things DO come to he who close to being said that Mercer Co getting 'action', Crawford? IS there, just wait & you'll see.

As one light lights another, now grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness. comin' round the corner when they come - ye'haw!

...Houston, - Pa is on the radar - we know it is there, over..."Sharon, PA Interesting" - Go Marcellus & Utica Shale: Leasing,... interesting...he said, she said....

Craig has a lot of interesting thoughts.  It is not necessarily easy quick money.  It is all going to take a while to sort itself out.  There appears to be a lot of good stuff under the surface, some places - good stuff in different layers with some better than others.  The companies have a lot of choice but eventually virtually every piece of land is desirable.  Pipelines to accept and take away volumes of gas are already being planned and rights of way are being acquired.  In other areas there are a lot of wells drilled and shut-in waiting for production to begin.  And even where one company can be said to have control it will need to fill in the blanks.

Linda, we signed in Mercer county for $3500 an acre bonus and 18% royalties. Western Land services goes out and leases property where the gas/oil companies request them to. Here is the number for them, 1-800-968-4840, last time I called them and ask about Crawford County they werent interested yet. Good Luck.

thanks james - what township are you in?  My bro-in-law may be in same group...

Springfield township.

thanks again james!

I had 14 acres previously signed with cx and just signed my remaining 62 acres with them yesterday.

I still feel they are the ones that will get a deal done.

Hopefully they learned from the Mercer issue


South Shenango 62 acres and west shenango 14 acres.

I have friends that were the lucky people in Mercer County.


it was just hard to believe that group went from like 25,000 acres at signing and then to 60,000 acres after,  thats why I think people need to put there property up for the negotiations and not jump on the wagon after.


at $3,850 per acre thats alotta extra cash the O&G company would have to pay out. probably not much to them but way more than I can Fathom !!


are you saying the group initially was 25k and when people 'heard' about the offer, then the rest signed up or tired to sign up or expected to be part of the group? 

Please be a little more specific... Could that be why so MANY were disappointed?

Thanks Michael


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