has anyone else read the email from cx about their newest venture? before xmas they were within 5-6weeks from a lease offer, today they are licensed real estate brokers offering to find a buyer for your ogm's.and you guessed it take money for doing so. maybe more time beatin the streets instead of going to real estate school maybe the offer would have been! imo.,also they moved from the big tent in wexford to the backroom in Bridgeville..


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Thanks, Sam - I have my own way & know that many find it odd/strange (including you sometimes)...and that's OK. I don't care & I'm ok with that.

It's tough out there - ANYWHERE, EVERYWHERE...we're all just 'little squirrels' trying to get our nuts while dottin' the 'i's & crossin' the 't's...doing our best due diligence with what we have to deal with. LOTS of ground to cover...for sure. TOUGH, sure is tough (but all the worthwhile 'things' are worth the trouble, eh?). Yes, they are.

I too hope that it will all be good for him & all that choose to go about their business in these ways.I just recall the old time saying: If it's too good to be true, then it probably is...touche'...AND a man's reputation is worth more than silver or gold.

CX has been oddly interesting in the past - and alot of Innocent Landowners who THOUGHT that they were honestly doing their 'due diligence'...got a heck-of-a-lot more heaped on their plate of misery & agitation than they EVER expected OR suspected...and that's a darn shame.

Haven't even bothered lookin' at this or that for quite some time now & when I did...and saw this...the hairs bristled up on the back of my neck...no one likes gettin' stuck with the short end of the stick, do they? Unfortunately, when it comes between G/O Co.'s & the little landowner...well, you know who comes out on top most of the time...to each their own.

As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness. Hope it will all be fine - and that pot of 'black gold' will spew heavenward with goodness upon you, Mark.

I would also like to add that many Mercer County Landowners that THOUGHT they were out of the shady CX agreement were not! And those wonderful M and P lawyers are now attempting to sue these landowners for 6% of the bonus money they received when they signed with a G/O company. And this is AFTER they received notification that they were dropped. now some say "you should have taken it to a lawyer," but hmmmmmm isn't that what CX was saying was their great service. They ARE lawyers! Shady bunch!
Sam. We own ten properties totaling approx. 150 acres some in Crawford and some in Erie county. I have been following things for several years now but have never posted and wouldn't be posting now except for the fact that I find GG's nonsense quite irritating. I can't believe I am the only one. As far as CX goes I have been signed with them for almost a year and I am pretty sure I signed a 6 month agreement with them which does automatic renew for another 6 months. I believe I can cancel any time after the initial 5 months with a 30 day written notice. I will check on that when I get home on Monday. I am not so naive that I believe the O/G Co's or CX has my best interest at heart. That is why I will have "My lawyer" review any legally binding documents that could potentially affect my family for generations, before I sign them. Any body who doesn't is a fool and we all know what happens to a fool and his money. At this point in time I believe that CX is the best option for people like me that don't want to deal with any O/G co., no up front money and no commitment to sign any lease I don't think works for my family. I wasn't aware of the people beings sued after leaving the group but I will be sure to ask about it at the next meeting. I have been around long enough to know that a lot of people like to be portrayed as "the victim" and I have also been around long enough to know there is usually "the rest of the story" that some "victims" neglect to tell you. The best advice I can give any one is to have a qualified lawyer you trust, look at any documents before you sign them, Big business is not your friend! And when I say qualified lawyer I don't mean the ambulance chasers that are coming out from behind the woodwork.

Mark - you can get 'irritated' by me - but LOOK at all of the information that you get FROM this discussion - MAYBE there will be a few 'nuggets' of thought process/information that YOU (nor your lawyer...IF/WHEN - YOU bring UP such thoughts crawling around & gnawing at you in the 'back of your mind'... - WHT is HE'SHE going to think of it - UNLESS it serves *THEIR purpose,,,)

You have said things, gotten various replies, and then it is on YOUR PLATE to first 'EAT' then to 'digest'...ONLY IF *you so choose. Honestly now - Isn't that GREAT?! It IS!!! It really, really IS.

When I was first researching on GMS - not yet a member...I read things that confused me & helped me. THEN when I was accepted as a member - I could then be included in writing & asking questions. I was all 'bright eyed & bushy tailed' thinking that EVERYONE was really on the 'up & up'...and were just good people. THEN I was in for the 'eye-opener'...they aren't!

I had to read & sort through things AND learn that not everyone has an unbiased...whatever. I got frustrated - as do many people. I 'left' for awhile - gathered myself - then came back in a new light. I was no longer 'inhibited', frustrated, agitated over mean people's insults...I was able to be 'freer' & a little lighter at times AND hard-hitting & strong WHEN I began to observe, 'see' & understand just WHAT was happening - even on THIS GMS site...

...and I could be impartial & could 'see' what was happening - there are many people who DO come here to try to gain understanding & HELP through their questions & dealings WITH G/O Co.'s. I even have grown to actually LIKE the 'silly comments' that get fired at me for various reasons. I have come to understand that JUST LIKE on 'a playground' there are MANY different individual characters with various thoughts & agendas...it's a REAL eye-opener, it is.

Remember THIS, Mark...ALL information IS 'good information' - in & of it's own way. YOU need to 'separate the wheat from the chaf' & THEN you'll do FINE. Lighten up.

IF you are HAPPY with your decision/choices in how you are choosing to handle (HAVE HANDLED...) you G/O land matters - we ALL really, REALLY ultimately hope & pray that it ALL goes *WELL* (see - then's one of MY 'sillies' -*WELL*...enjoy that, DO!) with & for you - and your family (for their future rests on some of the decisions that YOU are now making...all together...). WE all have thoughts & opinions - some things that get expressed will help - others not. Fine.


As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.

***One individual who used to be humorous & ADDED to discussions - WISH that he was still around...was Frank Dux (try putting his name up & look for him - what did YOU find?...after that try 'This is how they operate' - anything?...hmmm.


TRY to find the following discussion (*below*)! - because THIS was an actual *GMS DISUSSION* - IF you can believe it! - TRY to find this 'discussion' for yourself...):

*"Frank Dux / does he hurt GMS/USA?"* - there were a number of members who wanted him...and then they did...he was 'interesting', BUT there were MANY things that he brought to the table & imparted that I'm certain DID help various individuals in various ways - like how we are TRYING to help you NOT get messed up by any decision that ultimately YOU make yourself...

ALL information is GOOD information...FRANK DUX?...

FRANK DUX??? *WHAT DID 'happen to him, GMS/USA?

This is from : 


Permalink Reply by Michael R 4 hours ago

MERCER COUNTY — A Mercer County judge said recently that the claims against an oil and gas drilling company filed by Mercer County landowners can move forward.

Common Pleas Court Judge Daniel P. Wallace noted it still is early and things could change as more information is developed, but he turned aside Halcon Energy Properties’ claims that the suit was legally insufficient to support two counts, and that one count was duplicative of another.

The suit initially was filed Nov. 6, 2012, and pits Jeffry S. Vodenichar of Butler, David M. King Jr. and Leigh V. King of Sandy Lake and Joseph B. and Lauren E. Davis of Stoneboro, all of whom own land in New Vernon Township; Grove City Country Club of Pine Township and Richard Broadhead of Polk, who owns land in Sandy Lake Township, against Halcon and Morascyzk and Polochak, Bridgeville; and Co-eXprise Inc., Wexford.

M&P and Co-eXprise marketed the landowners’ interests to oil and gas companies in return for a fee from the bonuses paid to property owners.

The suit, which seeks class-action status, alleges Halcon entered into contracts to lease up to 60,000 acres of oil and gas rights in Mercer County, the so-called “Mt. Jackson 4 – Stoneboro Group,” agreeing to pay $3,850 an acre and a royalty of 18.5 percent on the fossil fuels pulled from wells.

As part of the agreement with landowners, Halcon had no discretionary right to refuse to lease unless there was a problem with the property’s title or specified “other defect,” the suit said.

According to the plaintiffs, Halcon rejected a large number of leases without specifying reasons and, in many cases, without even doing title searches.

Halcon has flatly rejected the argument, saying it had “the absolute right to refuse to lease the plaintiffs’ properties.”

Halcon also has charged M&P and Co-eXprise with fraud for allegedly modifying contract documents and misleading landowners.

M&P and Co-eXprise agreed with the landowners that Halcon improperly reneged on the contracts, but maintained they did nothing wrong.

In its preliminary objections to the suit, Halcon alleged a count for declaratory relief duplicated a count of breach of contract, but Wallace said he found the two separate counts to be proper.

Halcon also argued that a count of intentional interference with contractual relations does not have enough specifics to pass muster.

Wallace ruled that the count has enough detail “to allow ... Halcon to prepare a defense.”

Wallace added that he is not saying, for instance, that a breach of contract occurred, only that the landowners have “pleaded facts that, if deemed true, would be actionable.”

He added that, while it is too early to say whether Halcon could be assessed punitive damages, it also is too early to say they could not.

Barring any additional filings challenging the sufficiency of the suit, Halcon will not have to file a formal answer to the allegations.


As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.

Mark - if you are still 'out there'...here is what I was talking about...SO 'HOT!' - SHELL game SUCKER-PUNCHED? - Go Marcellus & Utica S...

I was so bothered - for all of these people got MESSED UP by *trying to do their DUE DiLIGENCE (just as YOU are supposedly attempting to do yourself at this time.), Read through it sometime - if you so choose & see how ragged on I was (it really doesn't matter...THAT is not the issue here...) - the point is WHAT HAPPENED (and HOW it is STILL trying to get STRAIGHTENED OUT!). Don't want to hear about any more messes like this Mercer one...and it was NOT oh, that long ago...time keeps on tickin' - into the FU-TURE...

...here is a good comment made: Permalink Reply by p umpjack on February 7, 2013 at 9:03am

luck is where preparation meets opportunity              (*taken from 'discussion link' above...)


THIS was the point at which I was frustrated because it didn't seem like anyone really thought about it but for flippant little off-the-cuff remarks & it was a 'hound & the hare' vicious WOLF-TRAP snare that was set for me...so I 'left' for awhile & when I realized that THEY could 'huff, & puff & blow gas' (it's the *GAStivist's way, you see...) - & I was 'still standing'. I began to lighten up & have some fun.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't take yourself too seriously, READ & glean this site best you can and you'll find some real gems!, and once you've been on it for QUITE some time - you'll be able to see/tell who is who (overall...). Sometimes, even I get surprised - and that is good. You just never know.

You just never know...as one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness. I win.

YOU win. Really - read everything & you'll take what works for you...and THAT is gold. Black-Gold!

just a reminder...fromGMS discussion: 

*COULD IT BE POSSIBLE that the good people of Mercer Co. have been used/made an example of 'bad practice' of 'sign me up' (using 'front cover' 0f CX(?)?...to bring 'SHELL game/slight of hand 'fear') then HIDE & not pay 'dirty pool'? WHAT IS the 'deal here'? To basically 'make an example' to SCARE people into thinking that ***'land services co.'s' CAN'T 'get the 'LAND-OWNER's - PROTECTION??! *Make' the DEAL, 'Break' the deal, bring FEAR to the hearts of these good, hard working, 'God, land, & country' beLIEving *Ameri*CAN*s that..."OH< NO ---we DID go with a 'good plan'. We 'pooled together' to 'STAND' (strength in numbers? - that's what one has pretty much always believed...)...had a 'good deal' for our ***SAUDI AMERICA*** 'gasGOLDland***...and then 'poof' (SLAM!)...'slight-of-hand FLIM-FLAM' - and we all got ROLLED / SUCKER PUNCHED! ***'POWER to the G&O 'big boys'...***sha-zam!...we'll promise what you 'WANT TO HEAR', but just 'not deliver'...see here, see here! ***THEY'RE *A-L-L* 'in bed together'...you just don't REALIZE IT YET!!!...think THIS over - 'put THIS in your PIP & 'smoke it'. RED HERRING!

Permalink Reply by GG on May 16, 2013 at 11:55pm

I honestly don't know WHAT 'happened here'...I just know that this is interestingly STRANGE...and has made it convenient to 'immobilize' people's mindsets. Causing confusion, and hence NOW they are distracted & disoriented.

WHAT HAPPENED HERE??? Everyone was left 'dazed & confused'...what the?

WAIT...this can't be happening - we did everything right. We learned about the Marcellus/Utica...there were even knowledgable lawyers that were helping our landgroup.

We were all looking out for each other, read over everything that the lawyers presented us with...was there something THEY somehow missed? Anyway... we read over & thought they did a good job. Signed our land-leases. We are happy that we did this. We were prudent, did our due diligence...we have peace about our action concerning this.


Days, Weeks went by, mammoth check should be coming soon. Always wanted that car - or getting the kitchen remodeled for my wife, or paying for the kids college education...WELL worth the wait.

One month. Any day now. Call the lawyers...they say any day now. HalCON 'cream' comin' my way! Days pass by - nothing. Tomorrow maybe? ... next day out to  the mail, no here yet. Day after that...no, and the next day...and the day after that.... Call Lawyers - don't worry, it's coming. WELL it's not here yet. Do you know how LONG it's been? days turn into months turn into California Dreamin/ that just ain't happenin'?

WHAT?! HOW did this happen? WE did the 'right thing' (didn't we? - I thought we did...). Trying to contact our lawyers - nothing. Time goes by...FINALLY get to speak to someone who at least could give me a few answers, whew! The secretary said he should be in tomorrow in the afternoon, I'll try back then.


Then there is frustration, panic, overwhelming confusion. HalCON...con, con?

He who stands firm. Where, oh where...What on earth happened here in Mercer?

Answers? I don't know...and if YOU do - all ears turn your way....Touche'. I pray for those....

GMS. As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.


This was tough to work with - and STILL is for many Mercer Co. LANDOWNERS who thought that they were doing their due diligence & did right by the families that they love. Peace to all....

Go on - sign that lease - the lease that ultimately stabs YOU in the back!!! - LANDOWNER BEWARE!

Pro-Landowner Royalty-Deduction Bill Passes Out of Committee: See h...  

Better know & TRY to understand just WHAT is going on *BEFORE* you give away your store TO 'the company'...OH, yeah - READ this...

...and be afraid - be VERY afraid...they really ARE ravenous wolves lickin' their chops - and THEY WANT YOU!...MANY have done their 'due diligence' AND with lawyers too...but it's an uphill battle that is already lost - once you *SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE! EVEN IF you've supposedly 'got something in writting' - it CAN turn out to be a MILLSTONE around your neck.

LOOK UP *Guaranteed Minimum Royalyu Act of 1979 (signed July 20, 2079)...and even though this IS 'in place' - ONCE you have 'done the deed' & given THEM the RIGHT to be on your land...they've got you ALL wrapped up - lock, stock, & barrel! Up OIL CREEK without a paddle!

*SIGNER BEWARE!!!! As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.

Don't think - OH, that won't happen to ME...because truth is - you just never know! (what lurks in the hearts? & MINDS of Gas & Oil Co.'s!)...'signer beware...G/O Crossroads!!!

Beware - Beware - Beware!!! Don't say you weren't warmed...


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