I inherited a farm in Fayette County in 2007 and the family gas lease that went with it.  It is a rental gas lease that pays $100/year.  It was signed by my family in 1906 and is 3 paragraphs long and very vague.  The lease was eventually purchased by Atas in 2004 and they quickly drilled 3 shallow wells.  There was no additional paperwork signed by all owners of the lease, if any.  My question is has anyone seen a company drill a deep well under such an old lease?  My concern is that the lease does not provide adequate surface protection.  Has anyone challenged Atlas about similar situations?  I asked the company to provide the lease they operated under and they sent a copy of the 1906 lease.  My calls to Atlas go unanswered or are bounced around the company.  At this point, all I am asking for is a dialog about the lease.  They have perfected the art of stonewalling!  Now they want ROW (which thankfully is not allowed under my lease) and seismic testing rights.  Do I have any options?

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