Need to know any info on Carizzo that anyone has had dealing with them they are offering to lease our land for $5500 and 20% for 5yrs already got burned by Shell, so need any info good or bad! Thanks!!

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Carrizo also did a "Shell" play down around salesville . signed up a bunch of people,but no one got paid after 180 days,so they asked them to re-sign for another 90 days.Most of them did. then they picked out 2 drilling sites in richland twp. paid those leases,the rest were $@^! out of luck. To this day, they have'nt drilled  on the permits they got last July. No plans on drilling anytime soon, according to their conference call last week. They have 3 rigs running in the eagleford,1 in colorado,and 1 in pa. they mentioned a recent sale of some of their Utica acreage. they do have a cambridge address. a P.O. box #. I"d give them 2 weeks to pay,or skiddadle!

OK thank you very much!!!


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