People in Jefferson county,ohio are getting $6250 per acre,5 year ,20% no-deduct leases! just sayin.

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Hey Bo!

Great news for them!

Good sign for the rest of us?

Thanks for sharing!

Now, will--- s o m e o n e ---please drill in section 21, Londonderry twp. LOL!

Take care up there and stay warm!

If, it is of any consolation, it is cold in NC, too!

But to be in the mid-60's in a couple of days.

nc man

Cambridge is to hit 60 degrees on Thursday.  There is some drilling going on in Londonderry Twp. now.

Any leases near Cambridge Ohio lately?

also, if someone was to sell their mineral others next to I 77 / I 70 @ cambridge, oh

what is the going rate right now?

both sell and lease rates?


I talked to someone who lives just east of Salt Fork. Near I-77 who got a recent call from AScent. wanting to re- lease  hjer minerals. as that lease will run out soon.


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