Ringer well

Utica / Point Pleasant formation

Driller: Enervest

Liberty township in section # 25-04-3

Kimbolton quadrangle


Purpose: Drill New O&G Well Horizontally


Well 34-059-220xx-0000, Lateral 8H goes South-East from the pad

165 ODNR Unit Acres = 1,100' W x 6,490' L - Production Unit (min)


Pad is located here:



last update: Jul 18, 2012 (see bold)




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Thank you, wonder if that is close to the RDHK ?

Enervest is a 50% partner with Devon on the RDHK.

It is app.1 mile due east

Help?I would like to see the surveyors plot map of this well,can`t seem to find ir.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

Here is a Google Earth map of the Ringer well plot map.  You will need Google Earth installed on your computer to view it.  You can click on the placemarkers for links to ODNR documents.


Thanks Philip,I finally got my tablet to open it this morning.I have seen that

plot,what I was wanting to see was mentioned above about the horizantal leg is going south east. the one you gave me is going north west .I thought they had a new permit. why i was asking is if they come S/E it will come under us. Thanks Again

When find that new map post a link to it and I will add it to the Google Earth map.

Ringer 3H Lateral - CANCELLED !!!

Uticia shale,is that Chesapeake's well?


 Yes,  Chesapeake Lateral 3H is Cancelled.

 Enervest Lateral 8H is Permitted.

 Both drillers have a "Ringer" well in Liberty township.

 How confusing is that!

 Sorry, I should not have posted info reagrding Chesapeake on this Enervest Thread.


Did CHK run out of money?


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