I have 25acres in Knox township in Guernsey county. Should I wait for a lease offer or sell my mineral rights. Any info would be appreciated thank you

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Mike:  Did you get my information?  If so, I can possibly get information for the others in my neighborhood that were left out. Thanks. Donna   E-Mail WilDon125@aol.com

So Mike who are your contacts?  Looks like I am not the only one unleased?

We are actively looking to buy in interests/lease on the east side of Guernsey County.  In addition, I am happy to provide you with an analysis of what your minerals are currently worth given the current market activity, etc. and some overall thoughts about where prices may be headed.

Hi David

I have 200+ acres in Jackson Township, Guernsey Cty.,  that is leased at 5000/ per acre-20%. Lease expires in appx. 3 years. I may be interested in selling if the price is right. What is the current value per acre and please express your thoughts about where pricing may be headed so we all know.




Who is your lease with?  I sent you a private message.  It would be helpful to know the parcel number to better see the property in the larger context of the township and the adjacent activity.  

I have 9 acres in Center Township Guernsey County Ohio that I would like to lease not sell, also neighbors that have acreage not leased.  E-Mail   WilDon125@aol.com  Thanks for any information you can provide.  Donna 

Dear Mr. Fischer: I have a client not far from you. His land is  just east of the interstate, and he has a similar number of acres, i.e. not enough to drill on..

He's had no recent offers. Patience is the key. The drilling programs are still young.

The well head gas prices are still near $4.00. The world is in turmoil. If you can wait

that's probably the better thing to do.  Geologist and Atty

Thanks for all the replays and mike I sent you a friend request with my email thanks again

Folks, I would never, ever consider selling my mineral rights to anyone for any reason, period. These are wealthy investors who are basically giving you less than one year of your royalties up front and then keeping the remaining for themselves.

I can think of millions of better ways to give your mineral royalties away, inheritance, trusts, charities, anything other than giving your money to wealthy people who only crave more wealth as they act like your friend while trying to get their hands on your money.

I laugh every time I throw another mailer in the trash from these folks.

No hard feelings either way, it's your money, and I understand folks wanting to make investments to make themselves more money.

I just would absolutely never even consider it at any price because whatever they are giving you it is only a pittance of what it is worth.

Thanks, David Lilly, for your thought provoking words!

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