Heard there is supposed to be a lot going on this summer in Guernsey County.  What are you seeing?  Thank you!

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Thank you , Robert!

After 3.5 months of waiting for the release, it finally came.

Do you know how we would go about putting our lease out there in the o/g marketplace?'

Is there a site to be able to advertise our mineral rights?

Thanks everyone for all your help, now, and in the past.


 To NCMan:

Glad to help where I can. I have no problem sharing my information so that everyone can make the best decision for their situation.

I agree - that it always seems companies are drilling every which way but never on our property. If it is meant to be it will happen. The fact that you are on a Conservation may be an obstacle in the drilling process but that is just a thought.

On this end, I decided to wait on signing the contract I was given above. Right now, I want to see how $130 a barrel oil is going to play out. In addition, I am in a position that I can wait.

I find it disappointing that right here in Ohio/West Virginia/ Pennsylvania we have the resources to make America energy independent, but the government is hesitant to drill. It seems our current administration thinks oil from other countries are a better fit then using what we have right here. Not sure how that could be possible, but I will stay out of politics.

By the way, I was doing some spring cleaning and I came across the letter from Guernsey County that stated I was release from my previous lease. So, the previous lease company did release my lease.

Keep the posts and information flowing.

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MA and Robert------thanks much for your responses!

Is there anyway I could find some info on the K&R Conservation, LLC, land, partially located on Skull Fork Rd., north of Rt. 22, where our mineral rights are located?

I just can't see why Ascent, that signed a lease with us, twice, wouldn't know, before signing our lease, that K&R Conservation, LLC, where our mineral rights are located, in Guernsey County, Londonderry Twp., would not allow drilling, thus, why pay us for 79.23 acres of mineral rights in 2011 and then, again, in 2016?

Something seems fishy!

If they paid us, twice, for the mineral rights, didn't Ascent, have to pay K&R Conservation, LLC to lease their land, since, we only own the mineral rights? That is what I have read, both K&R and ourselves were both paid.

For Ascent, that is an enornous amout of $$ and then for Ascent to not drill and try to recoupe some of the $$ back, just doesn't make sence to us.

To me and my brothers, it's just a mystery, how this happened or what happened?.

The day we signed our first lease, we were told our mineral rights were sitting, on a gold mine (great location)!

What happened? Where did our gold mine go?

Could the K&R Conservation be holding up drilling, if there was going to be any drilling by Ascent?


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We did find out , that the KWGD Law firm, of Canton, was trying to obtain abadoned, unclaimed mineral rights, located on the land that K&R owns, that any mineral right owners were not up to date of ownership.

K&R could claim the mineral rights, after publishing the notice of abdondment, in the local newspaper and after a few weeks/days.

Our Mother and Father's name, the original owners, was listed on the KWGD Law firm's abandonment suit, in 2014, listing names of abandomed mineral right owners on K&R's land, near where our mineral rights area, is.

We immediately filed a Notice of Preservation, after seeing our name listed.

We notified KWGD Law firm, and inquired why our name was listed as abandoned,

We were informed that they "had" to list our name on the abandonment papers, due to a  law. ??

The attorneys were trying to claim ALL the mineral rights, on K&R's, land, that had been abandoned over the years. A Mr. Dunn was listed. His was near our mineral right area.

Is there a place I could look for info, to see if the landowners, K&R, has anything to due with haulting any drilling on their land.

Or exactly who/what K&R Conservation, LLC,  is?

I cananot believe, in these days, saving a raccoon or shooting a deer is more important to K&R , than making millions of dollars for their property and minerals! Something is screwy! 

On the ODNR map, it shows a body of water (100 year Flood Plain) right close to our 79.23 acres where our mineral rights are located.

Would that mean anything?

thanks for reading and any help that anyone might share!

I am just trying to figure this all out because this just does not sit well with me.

My brothers and I want to lease to another o/g company that will or hopefully, drill but feel we must get some answers, first.



The government isn’t keeping oil companies from drilling on private land they are trying to encourage it. They are slowing down drilling on government land where the driller pay only 0.5% to the government and keep the rest.  That is the reason they have not drilled here in the last 6+ years.  If they drill on our land they make less profit and keep it to get richer and donate to politicians that spread those lies. 

UPDATE 4-5-2022  - Ironhead Resources II, LLC reached back out to me - less than one month after I said I would wait to sign.

(A) Primary Lease for 5 years - is a ONE time Payment of $1,000 per acre that covers 1-5 years, if reupped in year 6 it is a ONE time payment of $1,500 per acre that covers years 6-8.

Royalty is 16% without deduction

No surface operations - no well shall be drilled on the Leased Premises.

They came back with the offer I originally requested. As a result, I am going to sign with them.

Remember - everyone's situation is different. I waited to sign and did get a better offer. If they do drill one day - I will let you know what happens. In the meantime, the proceeds from this contract will easily cover the Taxes and Up Keep of the property.

Keep posting your experiences.

I appreciate you sharing your experience with Ironhead.

I am going to contact them to see if they might be interested in leasing with my brothers and me.

Happy Easter!


Thanks for participating when you have current news on whats going on in the area, I was just contacted a day ago from a

representative of Ironhead Resources II,LLc. He presented his lease deal by phone and then sent it over one day later, His

terms sound a little different now then when offered to you, a primary lease paid of $1,000 per acre per year, not one time payment,

and only guaranteed per year until you are put in a unit and receive royalty payments of 16% with no deductions. They also have

right to renew lease for 5 more years at same terms of first 5 years, $1,000 per acre per year, no one time payment. They also

stressed No Surface Operations. They are wanting me to sign and get notarized and back to them as soon as possible. Haven't

been on any lease for 3 years now and would like a one time payment but he said they won't do that, and that they would be

drilling within a year so royalty checks would be coming in, heard that before, lots to think about,something is better then nothing

or hold out to see if others try to get started with other deals?

Update KWDG negotiating 2250 per , 3 year , 3 yr option at 2500 , 18% gross. Landmen , Garza from ironhead speaks out of the side of his mouth. Said 2000 max 18% sent contract at 2k but 12.5% NET . Stay with kwdg inny opinion.

Would you be able to post contact information of person to talk to from KWDG, I told Ironhead resources I would hold off

on signing with them at this time, would appreciate any info you may have, thanks!

Let me get the info so I can cut and paste for you . Matt Onest is the attorney and Dianna Schantz is his assistant and very knowledgeable. Bare with me !
A side note they ( ironhead land man Garza claims wells are going up and naming WHO the leasee (sp) is . Total scam .

Good morning Ron,

Mickey just called me regarding conversations Ohio Valley is having with members of your group. Perhaps you should ask everyone to tell whoever approaches them with a lease to discuss it directly with Attorney Matthew Onest. It may save them a lot of repeat visits by landmen. I know some of your people are elderly and they get a little frustrated.


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