The Ohio Power Siting Board gave Harrison Power LLC permission to construct a 1,050-megawatt natural gas-fired, combined-cycle electric generation power plant in Cadiz, Ohio, according to the Farm and Dairy.

The power plant will sit in a 90-acre parcel within Cadiz Industrial Park and will interconnect to the regional electric transmission grid through a 138-Kilovolt transmission line to AEP Ohio Transmission Company’s nearby Nottingham Substation.  After seeking investors, construction may begin in October.

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There’s been some delays but this 1B$ Electric generation power plant is under construction, groundbreaking took place end of May.  scheduled for 3yrs to complete.    Curious if construction can be seen fr9m the road, I’ll  have to check it out. 

Columbiana County also has a gas fired Generation Station similar to Carrollton Ohio's Station planned for Wellsville, Ohio.

Lordstown, Ohio has one in operation and one or two more to be built.

I think we will continue to see more proposed plants in many eastern OH countries.  

Welcome back Ron. I always joke about people disconnecting from this site due to relocating to Fla.  I know that’s prob not your case, but still comes to mind.  Thanks for sharing your o&g experiences 

I've always wondered what the attraction to Florida was for Retirees. It's too hot for me in Ohio. I'm not rich, what can You do with a Check for 27 cents for Total E&P's 25% ownership of my Well Production?  Keep it for Evidence!

I've been investigating Events on many fronts that have been occurring, while being blocked from most Social Media for knowing Too Much and sharing it with anyone who cares to know the Truth.

There are more corrupt than we realized. These corrupt have one thing in common, steal the Wealth of those they see as Little People.

We The People will once again run Our Federal, State and County Governments.

Those who we trusted that have turned to stealing Our Wealth and will now feel the Pain of Our Military

Q said that August Will Be a HOT month. The Harvest will begin.

What kind of tax abatement or other incentives were given to them?


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