approx 39k net acre sale expected to close end of 3rd quarter 2018.  In the coming wks they will work together on plans of transitioning operations of this asset.  Ascent is purchasing hess and CNX's joint venture leases.    after reading a posted article on this site, I contacted hess to confirm the info from the article.  Hess replied by email that ascent will own many utica leases & Leasors will be notified of the changes.

this may help streamline drilling in Harrison county...ascent is already drilling in eastern Harr. co./ Belmont co border

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After a few months,  I was able to request and receive a new lease number with ascent resources,  after closing out their buyout of my Hess lease  and other CNX’s o&g leases.   Through research and discussing future drilling plans with ascent,  I anticipate much activity in our area in 2019 !

***If you’re involved in a recent lease buyout, I suggest you contact your new leasee and  request a new owner or lease number and  confirm your contact information is correct.   our info was wrong and needed to be updated.   

Chris Shaleman, 

I sent you a friend request so that we might have an offline conversation.  Please accept.  


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