Do you know anything about these wells?  My husband and I are interested in communicating with folks on this site who are following the status of four Gulfport wells in western Harrison County (Ohio) called the "Milliken" wells; their API is the 340672 area: wells 11840000, 11850000, 11860000, and 11870000.  Thank you ahead of time for any news. We understand from the "grapevine" that ODNR are swamped with oil and gas work especially since the recent earthquake and the need for new regulations. Perhaps their web site is behind in posting status news due to their engagement in these complex issues or perhaps none of these Milliken wells are fully drilled and/or currently producing.  Of course we would be highly interested in hearing from local folks following any production status of these four wells.  We would also be interested in our neighbors points of view regarding what the industry's impact is upon the geography / environment / water sources  and air quality in that general area.  Have you noted any significant changes? Our property is about a mile from Freeport off of State Highway 800 and about two miles from U.S. 22.  Again thanks for any communications regarding these Milliken wells near Freeport Township area of western Harrison County, Ohio and your thoughts about the industry's impact.  Thanks.

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Thomas, it turns out we have a bit higher royalties than I thought.  We have 15% not 12.5.  Also it turns out that most likely the mistakes were because documents crossed in the mail.  So Chesapeake the lease holder will communicate with Gulfport to fix the mistakes. We live a distance from Ohio but since many friends live there we retain a feeling of "home." Both of us will be back in Ohio this summer.  My husband will be taking our daughter to the Friends Music Camp and I will be bringing her home.  It gives us both an opportunity to see old friends and to check on our property.  It is encouraging to hear from you regarding involvement in the local politics over schools.  Children truly need good educations within healthy communities.  Thank you for your efforts.  Sometimes folks have closed minds when he/she first hears something different than what their ideas are but eventually come to see the "light" when they are less emotional and have time to reflect. What is best usually has a way of showing itself... and one only hopes it isn't too late to apply what is best.  

High regards, Teri


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