Just take a look at the ODNR website well map.  Short Creek Township is oddly void or activity.  Anyone want to speculate why?

Are there natural resources like creeks/river etc that make it an permit nightmare?

Do you think there Terrain plays a part? I think it is pretty hilly

Or are there lease hold outs ?

No comments are too crazy  ( I would even listen to Ron Hale's theory :)) 

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I think there’s slightly more liquids which at the cost of transportation, current commodity prices, and refining, make it pretty uneconomical.

Charlotte, do you own minerals there?

Thank you Brett, 

Yes I do have interests in that area.  Already leased and patiently waiting. 

Looking at the ODNR GIS map, it looks like there a pretty pronounced bald spot of activity running on a pretty direct diagonal to the soutwest and northeast from Short Creek.  Not a geologist, but vacant areas like that typically indicate some sort of geologic features that operators were avoiding.

Other that that, there really should not be much activity right now with sub $2.00 gas and sub $60 oil.  Only those with FT and MVC deals should still be developing, and those guys are not in a good place either.

I have a relative who works for Ascent. He informs me that the Short Creek area has more dry gas and not a lot of oil in the wells. I'm not sure if that is contributing to the lag but it could be.

thanks for the insight William.  


Are you at liberty to describe which direction from the Banjo well this new pad sits? 

Over the last week I spoke with 9 close land and mineral owners none of which are on this site. I have mentioned it to them over the years as a  possible learning resource.  I have deleted my replies and discussions due to the fact that I only want to help current land and mineral owners. Lied I hope you had a chance to look at my latest reply this wk before I deleted it regarding calling your Leasee.   

Ps- Most flippers get leads on here and The obvious low hanging fruit ....follow the new drilling permits.   It’s very easy to connect the dots from new well permit to pad construction....then flips Flood the Township with marketing  offers to buy or lease our minerals .     The flips has gotten worse over time .   I was flying my hovercraft through the field yesterday when suddenly a cow released a flatulent containing  10 ppm’s of CH4  and out jumps a flipper from the woods Yelling  - How many acres? Are you leasesed ?  Want to sell before hydrocarbons are worthless ?...While waving a contract in his hand  

Anyways good luck to you lied.  

Not sure I did see the posting you have since deleted. 

Let's start out with my disclaimer....this is only my opinion. Short Creek is in the dry gas area. The current strip price for dry gas is not high enough to make a profit. Therefore the only reason for an EP company to drill at these prices is to hold the lease by production (HBP). I believe the majority of Short Creek minerals were originally owned by Consol Coal. They became CNX Energy and sold a lot of their Utica rights to Hess Energy. Hess began a drilling program a little further to the west, and then decided to exit the play. I believe they sold their interests to Ascent and they are slowly moving into that area. But they are not in a hurry to drill because they own those minerals already and the price of gas isn't profitable. If, by some chance you and your neighbors were originally leased by Chesapeake, their successors Encino (EAP) might be able to eventually put a drilling unit together. Your minerals are in a good location and they will eventually be drilled and you will be very happy with the royalties. But the price of gas needs to get back into the $3-$4 range and that may take another 2-3 years of reduced drilling/completion activity. All the best....


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