Another year is upon us and we are all starving for information pertaining to the "gas biz" in our county.

Hilcorp appears to be poised for an extremely busy year.

Shell seems to be dragging it's feet for some reason , even though the Cracker appears likely to become a reality.

Hopefully more infrastructure projects will become known as the year unfolds.

Please share any news with us you may uncover over the course of the year.

Good luck to us all and may 2014 be the year that puts us on the map!

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Has anyone heard any rumblings lately about any Rex plans for the county?


I don't see much of anything happening in Eastern Lawrence Co in the near future if you're leased with Rex. With prices so low and their debt situation I'm thinking our only salvation will be 1) Rex sells our area, 2) Rex gets JV partner, 3)Rex sells  out completely, 4) Shell announces the cracker plant. On their own, I don't think Rex has the money or desire to develop our area.

Hopefully I'm wrong, only time will tell..

Things have been pretty quiet since the Rex acquisitions. They are , however , still showing some activity (permit-wise) in the Patterson area. Then there's the mysterious storm water permit for New Beaver , but no one knows exactly where.
Not a lot,but at least something. Rex has alluded to a JV partner but has not disclosed one yet. My money is on Hilcorp,if it ever happens.
Thus far, the Shell Cracker project marches on. The Beaver County Group has an excellent thread going on this topic.
I am trying to remain guardedly optimistic.

Anyone know of the projections for the Mijavec well site?  Said to be flaring tomorrow? noticed it is registered as an oil/gas well and not just a gas well.  Do you know what the difference is between the two types besides the obvious?


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