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LOOKING FOR GAS LAND INVESTOR / Real estate Investor!!

Started by Anthony Agostine. Last reply by Raleigh Hallum Mar 17, 2016. 3 Replies

My brother and I own 64 acres in Wyoming Co. and we are thining of selling the land and ALL rights.  Do any of you people know INVESTORS  or real estate brokers who deal SPECIFICALLY with this type…Continue

College student trying to learn more...

Started by Tara Jan 19, 2015. 0 Replies

Hello, My name is Tara, I attend Keystone College majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and Bradford County is my hometown. As you likely know, it is one of the most drilled, or fracked,…Continue

SWN Lease Amendments

Started by GRNGR Trust Mar 18, 2014. 0 Replies

What does anyone have to say regarding the lease amendments SWN is trying to get leaseholders to agree to on their "test" wells units?Continue

The Daily Review: Bradford County commissioners criticize (PA) Senator. Yaw: Officials again call on Legislature to fix post-production costs

Started by Robert Goodfellow Aug 28, 2013. 0 Replies

BY JAMES LOEWENSTEIN (Staff Writer) Published: August 23, 2013TOWANDA - At their meeting on Thursday, the three Bradford County commissioners said they stand by a resolution they passed in May, which…Continue

Tags: Politics, Legislature, News, Energy, Fracking

Free Landowner Seminar on Royalty Deductions: Is Your Gas Company Taking Deductions Not Authorized by Your Gas Lease?

Started by Douglas A. Clark, Esq. Jul 11, 2013. 0 Replies

DO YOU HAVE A CLAIM AGAINST A GAS COMPANY FOR IMPROPER ROYALTY DEDUCTIONS?I will be presenting a detailed PowerPoint presentation with Attorney Frank Karam and Attorney Jerry Karam at the Towanda…Continue

Tags: post-production, lease, issue, royalties, royalty

Pennsylvania Land Owners Upset About Gas Drilling Royalties

Started by Robert Goodfellow Jun 26, 2013. 0 Replies

From WENY TV----> A must watch video for landowners ---> WENY-TV describing their video "Gas Drilling…Continue

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If your lease expired, then request a "Surrender of Lease"

Started by G S Gass Apr 12, 2013. 0 Replies

A second wave of leasing activity is happening throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.  If you leased your property in 2008 for a five year primary term, the lease will expire unless the Lessee has…Continue

Tags: expired lease, expire, renew, release, surrender

Free Landowner Seminar on Royalty Deductions: Is Your Gas Company Taking Deductions Not Authorized by Your Gas Lease?

Started by Douglas A. Clark, Esq. Mar 6, 2013. 0 Replies

DO YOU HAVE A CLAIM AGAINST A GAS COMPANY FOR IMPROPER ROYALTY DEDUCTIONS?I will be presenting a detailed PowerPoint presentation with Attorney Frank Karam and Attorney Jerry Karam at the Tunkhannock…Continue

Tags: post-production, lease, issue, royalties, royalty


Started by Robert D. Schaub Feb 14, 2013. 0 Replies


Free Landowner Seminar on Royalty Deductions - Is Your Gas Company Taking Deductions Not Authorized by Your Gas Lease?

Started by Douglas A. Clark, Esq. Feb 11, 2013. 0 Replies

DO YOU HAVE A CLAIM AGAINST A GAS COMPANY FOR IMPROPER ROYALTY DEDUCTIONS?I will be presenting a detailed PowerPoint presentation with Attorney Frank Karam and Attorney Jerry Karam at the Athens Area…Continue

Tags: clark, doug, issue, attorney, gas

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Comment by Robin Fehrenbach Scala on February 13, 2010 at 8:27am
I spoke to Chesapeake last week and they are not currently leasing in most areas. The only places they want right now are Lemon and East Lemon plus certain parts of Nicholson.

I also spoke to a few other companies and they are not currently leasing in Wyoming County either. This has happened several times over the past two years and can change at any minute. The companies said to check back at least every month to find out.

Right now Chesapeake in particular (and many other gas cos) have a load of leases that need to be dealt with. They are most interested in getting the drilling done to hold leases that would otherwise expire.

Each of the companies has picked a certain territory, it seems, and they are now trying to get the production going in those areas. Leasing will start up again as they discover what is underneath each area.

By the way, if your land is in an area far away from the pipelines, you are not a top priority and may have to wait. This is not a bad thing as the lease prices will continue to rise.
Comment by christian on February 13, 2010 at 12:59am
they seem to have fallen out of touch/disregarded people who they had verbal agreements with concerning land in the area.
Comment by James Cooperman on February 13, 2010 at 12:31am
My family and I own land in North Moreland township. Last October we were camping and one of the neighbors asked how much we signed for. That was the first we heard about the gas leasing. Since then we have been trying to get in touch with Chesapeake and had no luck. They don't return calls or answer emails or letters. I recently found out they had tried to buy the gas lease from the wrong person. So it sounds like they are interested in my property but we can't seem to connect. Does anyone know of any meetings or how I can get in touch with them other than the site? I feel that if I could get in touch with some one from the company... The people they contacted were anti-drilling folks and weren't too nice.
Comment by Jude McDonough on February 10, 2010 at 2:38pm
Hi everyone, I'm new to the group and was just wondering if anyone had any insight for me on doing business with Marcellus Shale lease recipients. I'm a financial planner (not an insurance salesman) and I'm pretty well versed in the taxation and other financial issues that come along with receiving large sums of money. My main goal from this post is to see if anyone knows of some good ways for me to get in front of people that can benefit from my services. I'm sure there are lots of financial advisors chasing after everyone. I'm trying to find a less aggressive approach to get my name out and help people in ways that don't require them to buy insurance products. If I hosted an informational event, do you think people would be interested in that? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Jude McDonough
Comment by Mike Bardzel on February 9, 2010 at 7:40am
I am in East Lemon Twshp. My property borders Tunkhannock Creek. I also just received my bonus from Chesapeake. It actually came in the mail about 140 some days after I signed. After inquiring it turned out that the gas guy "Elite Land Services" did not process my lease for 10 days after I signed due to the overwhelming Wyo. Cty Land Asooc. deal. They told me our area was a hotspot as well. We are just inside the thickest shale area (350' thick) and close enough to the Tenessee pipeline that runs north of us. I recieved a few calls in the last week from ELite asking for names of neighbors to contact and they were saying Chesapeake is trying very hard to get the entire area signed up because they are moving in. I asked exactly where. He wasn't sure. They may possibly start east of Meshoppen and head toward us or start in East Lemon and head toward Meshoppen. According to two other landmen we talked to earlier they said they are starting drilling right in East Lemon. East Lemon is about 3 miles north of Tunhannock and 3 miles East. Cabbot is in Springville, Susquehanna Cty. running east and west if I have it correct and it appears Chesapeake is picking up in Wyoming Cty (East Lemon) east of Cabbot and then running Southwest toward Meshoppen. This is my guess however after talking to a few landmen. Just an astonishing point I wanted to ad. I work out in Towanda Wysox which is inundated with gas trucks, white pickups everywhere, all businesses are filled with gas people. Halliburtin, Schlumberger (pronounced Schlumberzha) one of worlds largest oil and gas rig companies that also manufacturers equipment for this field too. They are all over the oceans too and do a lot of sea floor stuff too. Great Plains is here too, you name it they are in in herds. We were shooting pool right after work one Friday evening in a bar and the police entered. Asked that someone with a white diesel pickup raise their hand, it had to be moved. All but 6 of us in that bar raised their hands. We the locals were the minority. Everyone laughed and they got it settled. A local paper here had a 4 bedroom old farm house for rent in the ads last week. I believe the paper is called the Rocket Courier. Not a pretty house. Just average old house. $7000 per month! We at work know a few employees at my company that are renting. They were given the notice and the choice of leaving their house or apartment when the lease runs out or to stay and their rent is will double. They have gas guys waiting in line to rent at double the rate. The local Quick Lube wasn't able to do a complete service on my diesel pickup last Friday. I have to return this week. He is overwhelmed with gas company trucks. He desperately needs to expand. He said he is losing potential money hand over fist every day and also needs more heavy truck or diesel truck qualified people to handle the more involved work with other than basic oil change work that is constantly at his door. The actual gas rig workers which we bump into daily here in Towanda are saying Tunkhanock is next to see this. Now Rome PA (6 miles north of Wysox) is getting 28 wells this year. They are calling locals there (some are friends of mine) about leasing property to run a pipeline through downtown Rome. It's coming folks. Ps. An Oklahoma gas rig worker informed me that Halliburton is owned by the ex vice prez. Dick Cheney. Interesting. You will see their gold and tan equipment rolling through Wyoming county soon I suppose.
Comment by Robin Fehrenbach Scala on February 8, 2010 at 7:22pm
That's great it worked out for you and you got paid. I heard later that some other non members also went but did NOT get a lease. I guess it depends where the land is and if they wanted it right away.
Tunkhannock Twp or outside of Tunk? I know Lemon is hot and a few other places right now.
Comment by PAUL VOSBURG on February 8, 2010 at 7:01pm
Just to let you know We are the group that went to Black walnut to sign the day of the wyoming signing. (NON MEMBERS) And they told us they would take care of us today, Well they came though, No up front bonous. 5750.00 per acre all in 120 days, And now we have A Landsman that wants to put A gas-line though our property, All in Tunkhannock
Comment by david thorpe on January 24, 2010 at 9:28am
Jack, RFS...
Great info, thank you both. Patience is indeed a virtue.
Comment by Jack on January 22, 2010 at 8:10pm
some recent activity here in Tunkhannock area....east of Tunk a landowner who was add on statu to wcg was contacted by chk and offered 2750. on the other side of Tunk in Wash township a small landowner was add on status and he was offered the exact $ and lease as wcg not long after group signed. he already went with carrizo and just this week he recieved a letter from carizzo that seismic will be going on in his neck of the woods. This is not hearsay, I know both landowners.
Comment by Robin Fehrenbach Scala on January 21, 2010 at 7:37pm
I have heard various tidbits of information but it's hard to verify. Every company wants to keep its' success and plans as quiet as they can. You can sometimes pick up good intelligence from the stockholder presentations and other such reports, though they try not to be too specific.

Based on what I have heard from several places, expect to see more activity in Wyoming county this year. But keep in mind that the companies now have a load of leased property that must be held by production or they will lose leases. They need to deal with some of that too.
A big exception will be if they find great areas during some of the drilling already planned, then they will be out scooping more land in the area.

One more factor would be companies trying to get into the marcellus. They could also be out in force very soon.

I have been actively involved in this since the first Chesapeake offer was mass mailed about two years ago, have turned down maybe a dozen lease offers so far and still plan to sign with the right company when the right deal comes along. It should not be jumped into without a lot of thought first. Many, many people signed the first lease they were handed and now regret it. Should have stopped to learn about it first!

Good luck to you, it will come your way eventually. Patience.

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