Factual lease and production potential in Malaga Township (Utica & Marcellus Shales)

Does anyone have current and factual advice on the leasing and production potential in Malaga Township? We have a few acres with clear mineral rights.

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My husband and I belong to a group in Malaga township.  We are trying to stay together so that we lease to same company so there is a bigger block of land. 

I've attached a carbon density file regarding the Utica.  The last slide is the most important. It looks like Monroe County is in the "predominately dry gas zone".


can't download file..

hello bob where do you get this information It would be interesting to see how belmont and the other counties compare in the entire mix thank yoi]u mick

Joy, I am having a meeting Saturday at Swiss Hills at 5:00 pm. Give me a call at 3***********

Im also having a meeting i Beallsville on Thursday at 7:00 Pm. it is at the Sunbury Baptist Church on county road 18 right ff 556. Ill get you directions to eith er meeting.


Des, Is that meeting at 5:00 pm on Aug. 13th?    Is there any new information for "old timers" or is it to bring on new landowners? 
Where and time of meeting??
Joy the meeting is at 7 pm Thursday at the Laings community center on rt. 255 At 5 points
Is this Des's group?  If so, my husband has been going to those meetings.  However, haven't heard about the meeting on Thurs. 

Joy this is not des's group, The group is John Lusks eastern Monroe county landowners group, It is a Non Profit group of landowners all across monroe, a couple in washington & a couple in Belmont county, We are meeting Thursday at 7PM @ laings community ctr to finalize lease & atty group and then sign with atty to market, we then expect an offer withinn 30 days that we can accept or reject as a group or as individuals, \

 I sent you some info, did you get that?

I did get the info.  Thanks, Tom.


Kim somone said Johhny Baker is leading that group but not sure


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