Don't Sign Any Oil & Gas Documents Including Leases and Right Of Way Contracts - A Self Imposed Moratorium Please!

My Neighbor said he received a letter from an Oil & Gas company that asked for his signature in order for them to talk to him.

My response was "Please Don't Sign Anything For An Oil and Gas Company".

Later I remembered that I also had received a letter from a Kitchen Table Oil and Gas Company from Las Vegas that had asked me to sign for the same reason. Wow, that is a crazy request I thought, and my mind raced with a the possibilities, none of the the possibilities were to my benefit, so I tucked the letter away in case someone wanted to see potential Fraud in it's early stages.

Did You know that the world has access to the County Courthouse Recorders Records and Treasurer Records with Your holdings and data. Those who use the electronic information Promise to not violate the law by using Your data. Hah!

I'm betting there are thieves that can Xerox Your signature onto any document they want . This could be bad for a Landowner.

Oil & Gas brings out the worst in everyone. Greed is a powerful addiction for those who want to turn Your Potential Wealth into their wealth. Make no decision on Your own, Your neighbor might have some insights or know how you should handle a request from those who have brought a Biblical Event into Our State.

After I gather all of the evidence, I'll leave some additional reasons to NEVER SIGN ANYTHIHNG FOR AN OIL AND GAS COMPANY on this thread. Ohio Landowners now have a huge advantage over O&G companies, You just don't know it yet. 

One more thing, during the Hale vs Chesapeake Arbitration, I received a very important email that needed to be signed yesterday for Chesapeake's "lawyer". It came by way of my lawyer so it must be OK, to sign, Right?

Nnnooooooooo! Never, Never, Never sign any document without first reading AND understanding it, then don't sign, Unless You specialize in contracts & law.

Your signature gives away Your Assets, Rights or committs You to doing something.

This document would have, for $10, granted all of my Lands Oil & Gas to Chesapeake Energy into Perpetuity. I'm still miffed that lawyers thought that lowly of me.

Don't worry though, my pay back is in the works. It will be much worse than what they tried to do to me.

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