As Newspapers and Magazines are slowly phased out, there is one Paper that is a local Treasure that we should keep in print by subscribing or picking up one of their Weekly copies, any News paper that will print the unbiased News is critical to keeping Our Freedoms and Our Republic safe.

This is not a solicitation, but a fact that when no one would carry the News dealing with Ohio's Biblical O&G Theft, the Farm & Dairy carried the stories that no other paper would or were aloud to print. I'm sure there was some risk taken due to the level of corruption that exists in "todays states" which will be exposed in the near future.

I sent stories to THE ohio state university news, Newspapers in Cincinnati, Cleveland, PBS and more, with no response let alone having my story printed. This is how I know there is a Black Out on the press.

When I filed a complaint with the past ohio attorney general (small print out of disrespect) the story printed by the papers that monitor the attorney generals complaints said that I didn't understand how my royalties were paid.
No, I knew exactly how my Royalties were paid that's why I filled the complaint.

I was told to stop filing complaints by the ag's office girl, Girl Friday and my complaint that I still have the electronic number for, was closed without allowing the Good Employee who took my complaint to investigate. He was chastized by Girl Friday since she called me and hinted that the complaint shouldn't have been written. Was that a violation of Ohio Law? Probably not since the ohio ag was at the time, the law. Could there be Tyranny at high levels of government?

If You missed these stories, I'll leave a link to them below.

This is the only story I could find at this time, but there have been several others:
Ohio couple files arbitration complaint against Chesapeake ...

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