Portage County sits on top of the valuable oil and wet gas windows of the Utica shale play in eastern Ohio.  As such, many landowners have and will continue to receive offers in the mail or talk with neighbors that receive offers.   Please share any current lease offers.  

We have received an offer from Chesapeake Energy for $1500 acre/10yr lease.   I expect offers will increase significantly in our area.

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Just wondering how the lease looks from Lario?  We received a call but have not received any information in the mail.

I have been checking the Portage County Recorder's site to see if Lario had registered any Leases but they have not,  and I didn't see any recent Chesapeake leases either: June is the latest.  Also did not find anything under Buckeye Mineral.  Just wondering how likely it will be for someone in Portage County to get a $3500/acre.  And where in Portage are they looking?   Are the leases 5 or 10 year, and is 5 acre the minimum?  

What's the best way to contact BM and get a look see at his contacts?  Maybe a face to face isn't necessary since we've been to a few other the other guys meetings.


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