Yesterday morning 12/19/2015, Lu Ann and I made a trip past the well ROW an noticed there was a new sign there. It read, "TRAVIS PEAKE" just below there was a notice, "25 MPH".

We went on around the mountain, did our shopping and turned up at the other end of Broughton hollow road.  The first thing we saw as we turned was a "Porta Potty".  A man stood by his car next to it.

A Porta Potty? Yep that is what it was. We had to stop to inquire if this for emergency use for the public...with tongue in cheek of course.

He laughed and said that it was for him. Apparently not everyone knew just where this gas well was located and needed directions. His job was to give directions and it was going to be a very long day. He then told us that the drilling rig itself was on its way. And it would take a good three days to bring it all in.

With all the previous truck traffic, I had supposed that rig had already been brought in. Apparently not. Anyway through the rest of the day Lu and I watched many eight axle trailers and tractors with escort vehicles both ahead and behind them.

And this morning there was another large trailer grind  its way up the hill. They must have a ten acre piece of ground cleared to have room for all of these pieces of equipment. I presume it will not be ready to start actual drilling until after Christmas.

Bill L.

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Thanks for the up date Bill.Lets all pray for the best. I heard that was a JV with Dominian and the driller.


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