The English language is sometimes very confusing.  What seems innocent to one person is totally inappropriate to another.  Take the word, "There."  Their,  They're. Easy to confuse the meanings of each spelling of this word.     These chat groups are taking great care as to what is being posted.     Any comments?        Granddad Ladd 

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Mr Ladd , you never answered my question ... Have you profited from Nat Gas drilling ? 

I have personally not profited much by gas drilling!  Mostly the most important and valuable thing I received was how landmen  and lawyers  are willing to snooker and lie or even cheat the landowner just to get a signature!  Drilling companies are willing to hold back royalty's  that landowners looked forward to  help pay for  new commitments.  And now many of these landowners are in worse shape then before. 

 Aside from the fact that Mr.T  wants to hide his own financial dealings.... He has the idea that he indeed is above the law even from the voters. Now he wants POLYGRAPHS of his people.  He must take one first.  

Now what did you receive in the way of profits?

Granddad Ladd

"Mr Ladd wrote ' have not profited much ' .... 

 I take that as a yes you have profited ............. 


How much have I profited from my lands ?????? 


ZERO !!!!!! 

 Dems in NY State allow NYC to be completely paved over with asphalt , yet those of us with land in the Southern tier continue to suffer ..............

 A little 'nervy' of you to back a ban on drilling in NY while you made $$$$$ from the process .... Your County certainly has  benefitted as well , probably help your property taxes  to be half as much as NY and your land values double that of Southern NY properties .... 

Nice visiting with you Mr. C. 

And now you are getting angry at me. You are assuming several things. Did it ever occur to you that you might be wrong? I am sorry that you feel so much anger toward me. I doubt that you would want to change positions with me even for a year's time, let alone  a lifetime.

What I have shared with you is not my own story. What I have posted were observations from the last 85 years. Namely the changes made in upstate New York. You have assumed that I have personally denied the residents of New York State the drilling of gas and oil wells. 

Obviously you have a very narrow, tiny view of  what life and living is all about!    You do the best can with what ever you have. You earn respect of other people by what you do and say!  If you can help someone have a better life or out of a bad situation, would you do it?

Did you know that the garbage from New York City was dumped in a wetlands  area in New Jersey just a few miles west of New York City?   Are you going to blame me for that too?  Back in the 1970's I trucked rabbits to the meat terminal located just off of "Midtown tunnel underpass".  At another delivery point I discovered a short cut that took me past a huge trash dumping area. Huge trash collecting trucks from New York City were  lined up along a muddy, rutty access road in a swamp. A huge mountain sized pile of garbage had been deposited over the years in this swamp..

Discarded barrels, Paint cans, even a couple of dead animals were seen 

You want to blame me for that too?

In Tioga county, roads were improved tremendously prior to the gas and oil exploration. Bridges were beefed up. On route 49 there were three or four bridges between Westfield and Elkland being beefed up or replace at the same time. All before Mr T wrangled his intentions to be leader.

It might be a great idea for you to expand your "long term memory" and situations before you make assumptions of other folks. Maybe you are just trying to find someone to blame because you think they are better off then you are! 

Again have a great day and thank you for your input!

Best of all there is to you and your loved ones

Granddad Ladd

Funny , just a few posts ago , you stated that drilling in NY was not a good idea ........ 

 Why did sign a lease ? Why did you take their money ? 

  Who are you to say NY'ers are entitled to the same ????

A question for you Mr. Ralph Cramdon .

Why are you trying to pick a fight with me? You are making yourself look bad!  You are losing respect from all who read your replies. You are building up anger for yourself.  Probably you have a need to blame someone for your own short comings and the choices you have made.

And certainly you are very unhappy person. And jealous too.

Granddad Ladd

JEALOUS of a fellow who profits from fracking  leases he signed yet tells those economically stressed folks in NY they shouldn't be fracking ?  FUNNY stuff ......

  Sir your personal attacks on me teach  more and more about human nature   ..................


May I suggest that if fracking is not good for those in NY , you send all money derived from fracking back to those companies and tell them how you really feel .......

ON to  new comments.

Mr. T. mention something about "KISSING UP TO BUTTS" by  the democrats. 

It seems to me as if  he has fired many of his appointees  days or weeks, after expressing his displeasure of them not agreeing with him 100 percent.

Just an observation!

Granddad Ladd

I agree , lets ban fracking in the State of PA ... 

 My conventional wells in Kentucky will become very valuable once again .......

Oh and so you are back!  

Do you know what the word OBSERVATION means?  It does not necessarily  mean any opinion has been formed either for or against something!

You fail to understand why some New York state residents are not happy with the idea of having their property  and or vacation areas possibly destroyed by being contaminated with faulty equipment or sloppy procedure. 

Most folks like to make choices before jumping right in to a situation they can not reverse!  Perhaps  your world is pretty small and the only pleasure you get out of life is trying to pick fights or intimidate folks who do not agree with you 100 percent..

This is typical with individuals who have very poor self image of themselves.

It would be great if your conventional Kentucky wells turn out to be real gushers. And the royalties drop to almost zero because of the oversupply of gas and oil.

A question. Do you and Ed Norton, his wife Trixie and your wife Alice still yell out of your respective apartment windows anymore?

The Jackie Gleason TV show of 50 years ago was quite funny at times.  And do you, Ralph still drive that bus? 

Granddad Ladd

Your nasty side continues to show ...


Lets ban fracking in PA ... Vote for Elizabeth Warren !!!!!!!!! 

I stand with Gov Cuomo of NY ,, No fracking no new  gas pipes from PA into NY ........... 

 We in NY don't want PA fracked gas ...................


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