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I have been observing people for many years.  Many of them are fairly intelligent.  Some are very narrow minded and although they mean well, they are really off base. They simply grew up learning how to close their  "God given powers"  to do a little thinking on their own.   The trouble is when they find out there are other options to look at and they might be wrong, they fall flat on their face!  

They simply are following what seemed to work for their parents. Each generation has its own problems to solve...… other words, a whole new ball game! An intelligent person will understand this fact.  And then use whatever he has been taught and has at hand! An intelligent person will ask questions of other folks to see if maybe a better solution can be found.

For instance:

A contractor watches other contractors on a building job.  He discovers that this one contractor has a better and SAFER  way to do something. A way that will not destroy some other important feature.   So only an imbecile will refuse to ask questions about, or try to "see" a way to solve the problem.

Gomarcellusshale  site was created to  help folks understand what gas drilling and fracking was all about for landowners and interested folks.

Granddad Ladd

Turd Burds  do not know how to read and ask questions.  JUST AN OBSERVATION OF MINE!

Seem to be doing  lot of rambling lately Mr Ladd .... 

 They might have some meds for your condition ..........

Bashing me is not going to get your cause across to the folks that will help you.  If anything, you need to prove your position that I approve banning fracking in New York State.

But you have posted, That you "do not care if your kids/grandchildren go hungry and  cold as long as fracking is banned!"

How can anyone put their own offspring at risk just to be able to make such a statement on a public informational group like you just did on Monday?

No matter what amount of bashing of me that you do, fracking is going to continue.  Fracking in a safe and approved way is how it needs to be done!  If  is done in a sloppy and careless way then the drilling company responsible for that particular well must be held liable!

Bashing me or anyone else is not the purpose of this thread.  Observations of life and living and the problems we all are faced with from time to time and how they were dealt with is the main purpose.  

When we are born, all of us have to accept the conditions we are faced with. As  we learn and grow up, we discover that we can make changes the will make things easier for us as individuals. 

We also learn that there are other folks who are only interested in their own particular and personal situation.  And often many large groups of  people suffer greatly from the choices these individuals have made.

A good leader will be careful while making important choices that affect others.   It does not matter what political party they belong to! 

A great leader will be respected for his choices and also show respect for the opinions of others. It does nothing to bash anyone or call them names.  Calling them nasty names will only cause anger and lower the respect for that leader!

Granddad Ladd


I look every spring for the first birds to appear. Usually I can hear them a few days before they come into view.  Phoebe birds nested every spring over our back door. Wrens came to nest too. One day I discovered wrens had decided to build their nest in my overalls. I had to discourage their nest building activities. Grandchildren talked about this nest building for many days afterward.

Hundreds of red winged blackbirds could often be seen raising their offspring in the hayfields.  Many's the time I have to stop to find the nest I had cut down, find the young birds and return them to their nest and set it back up upright. A few days later they had learn to fly and were no longer in danger of haymaking machines,

Their parents feasted on the insects in the hayfield.

No barn swallows or bluebirds nested here in the farm buildings or bird houses put up for them this year.

No honeybees. and only a few bumble bees working the flowers this year.  No butterflies fluttering during the day or even moths after dark.

What became of them?  How can I explain to my offspring what happened to these wonderful additions to the joys of living?

I will have to tell them, "Well kids, Many previous generations to yours were very short sighted  in their rush to gobble up huge amounts of dollar bills! Greedy people do not care about their future offspring or even caring about the hardships earlier generations went through to leave better conditions for their descendants!"

Granddad Ladd

Wow! California is having serious problems with their electrical systems. Seems like inspections and proper maintenance were lacking. And now thousands of homes and property are being destroyed by fire that apparently were started by electrical components that were not looked at and corrected.

Fracking and drilling operations that are sloppy done can go out of control very easily. 

Granddad Ladd

Observations about life and living.

Life is a series of solving problems! And if all of the problems are solved, there would be no reason or need for life to continue!

Many years ago the thought came to me that the process of all life depends on a couple of important facts. Proper shelter is important for many specie.  Especially human beings! Proper food is another important fact and there are many others too.

Without solving all of these things, there cannot be life. And if all the problems are solved, there would be no reason for life to continue.

The gas and oil industry depends on solving so many of the human specie's and other specie's problems too.  

Sad to say some folks do not seem to care about the survival of the lesser intelligent animals or plants.  They cannot see past fattening their bank accounts!  

Humans have a long way to go if they can really consider themselves anything more then just a minor level of just might be in the future of creation!

Granddad Ladd


Keeping a closed mind will only result in slowing or even stopping the process of acquiring the lifestyle human beings want.

For example if the transistor had not been invented in 1946,  we would not be able to communicate as easily and as fast as we do right this minute!  

Each day someone has an idea that will improve gas and oil production!  That idea will be mulled over in many people's mind and  then be tried to see if it actually works. Sometimes it does not work and has to be discarded or maybe "TWEAKED" a little  to produced desired results.

Sometimes a huge failure occurs causing much damage in an area.  No one wants that to take place! But it does happen in spite of all of the foreseeable safeguards being put into place!

WE must keep an open mind for new ideas!

Granddad Ladd

More then 1300 views have been registered for this thread in about two months. HMMM! I wonder why? 

I closed discussions on this thread because one of the members continually tried picking a squabble with me about the fact that I made an observation about why residents in New York State were not in favor of fracking. Supposedly, according to that person, I was supporting the ban on fracking in New York State.  After trying to clarify that I was not supporting the ban of NEW YORK STATE fracking but only making an OBSERVATION gleaned from friends that I knew about how they felt about fracking in their area. this person continued to  make the statement that I supported banning fracking in NEW YORK STATE!


OBSERVATION from years ago

On or about September 11, 1911 the dam built for the folks living at around Austin, Pennsylvania  failed. That dam was constructed for use at a large factory which employed many people who lived in Austin.

That dam was built of concrete. Previous to it being built, there were two other smaller earthen dams which also had failed because of hard rains or run off water from spring thaws.

It was decided to build another much stronger dam out of concrete.  The contractor dug a base in the stream bed. Some folks thought that base was not dug in deep enough to stand the pressure of water behind it. But the contractor poo pooed the idea that his base  would be strong enough to hold back any amount of water that might be impounded or any heavy spring thaws or rain.  And besides it would cost time and extra money to "beef" that base up beyond what he thought was necessary.

As a result of his decision to save time and money he went ahead and built that dam.  In the month of September, 1911 heavy rains filled that dam and the residents downstream filled that dam brimming full.  More and more heavy rain fell upstream. Austin residents began to worry the dam would fail. Again the idea that it would fail was poo pooed but inspections were made. Then it was decided that it would be a good idea to cut the top down to help relieve the pressure.  But they had no equipment available.  Only a railroad builder had the necessary tools and men to cut away the necessary concrete.   The dam failed just moments before the workers were ordered off the dam. They could feet the dam giving under their feet.

A wall of water tore downstream and into that factory destroying it. The water continued to the town and just about destroyed it too.  

Their place of employment was gone, Their homes were destroyed and their dreams were destroyed too. 

Fracking is a fairly new process. Many problems have been solved. But many folks do not want their areas possibly laid waste before it has been proven to be safe!

Granddad Ladd

Observation for  another period in my life

Does anyone recall Centralia, Pennsylvania? Centralia was a coal mining town in central Pennsylvania.  Some how a fire erupted in the mines under the area. They tried putting out the underground coal mine fire but was unsuccessful.  People had to leave their homes, businesses and everything they owned because of this fire. Every so often gas and smoke would erupt in the area making it nearly impossible to breathe.  

It has been said that that fire might burn for a couple hundred years before the fuel runs out. 

I used to drive truck back then and I recall driving by a huge slag pile at night one time. That entire slag pile was a huge mountain of glowing material piled up. Was it from the Centralia mine fire? I don't know!

Have a great day!

Granddad Ladd


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