The English language is sometimes very confusing.  What seems innocent to one person is totally inappropriate to another.  Take the word, "There."  Their,  They're. Easy to confuse the meanings of each spelling of this word.     These chat groups are taking great care as to what is being posted.     Any comments?        Granddad Ladd 

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More then 1300 views have been registered for this thread in about two months. HMMM! I wonder why? 

I closed discussions on this thread because one of the members continually tried picking a squabble with me about the fact that I made an observation about why residents in New York State were not in favor of fracking. Supposedly, according to that person, I was supporting the ban on fracking in New York State.  After trying to clarify that I was not supporting the ban of NEW YORK STATE fracking but only making an OBSERVATION gleaned from friends that I knew about how they felt about fracking in their area. this person continued to  make the statement that I supported banning fracking in NEW YORK STATE!


Observation for today

Today most of us woke up to a few inches of snow!  BRRRR!   I never really like to see it come but it wont last for very long. I recall several years ago of a Thanksgiving Day when we were wearing short sleeve shirts. It was so warm that we took a trip to the woods to pick wintergreen berries after dinner. it was more like a hot summer day.

Granddad Ladd

OBSERVATION from years ago

On or about September 11, 1911 the dam built for the folks living at around Austin, Pennsylvania  failed. That dam was constructed for use at a large factory which employed many people who lived in Austin.

That dam was built of concrete. Previous to it being built, there were two other smaller earthen dams which also had failed because of hard rains or run off water from spring thaws.

It was decided to build another much stronger dam out of concrete.  The contractor dug a base in the stream bed. Some folks thought that base was not dug in deep enough to stand the pressure of water behind it. But the contractor poo pooed the idea that his base  would be strong enough to hold back any amount of water that might be impounded or any heavy spring thaws or rain.  And besides it would cost time and extra money to "beef" that base up beyond what he thought was necessary.

As a result of his decision to save time and money he went ahead and built that dam.  In the month of September, 1911 heavy rains filled that dam and the residents downstream filled that dam brimming full.  More and more heavy rain fell upstream. Austin residents began to worry the dam would fail. Again the idea that it would fail was poo pooed but inspections were made. Then it was decided that it would be a good idea to cut the top down to help relieve the pressure.  But they had no equipment available.  Only a railroad builder had the necessary tools and men to cut away the necessary concrete.   The dam failed just moments before the workers were ordered off the dam. They could feet the dam giving under their feet.

A wall of water tore downstream and into that factory destroying it. The water continued to the town and just about destroyed it too.  

Their place of employment was gone, Their homes were destroyed and their dreams were destroyed too. 

Fracking is a fairly new process. Many problems have been solved. But many folks do not want their areas possibly laid waste before it has been proven to be safe!

Granddad Ladd

Observation for  another period in my life

Does anyone recall Centralia, Pennsylvania? Centralia was a coal mining town in central Pennsylvania.  Some how a fire erupted in the mines under the area. They tried putting out the underground coal mine fire but was unsuccessful.  People had to leave their homes, businesses and everything they owned because of this fire. Every so often gas and smoke would erupt in the area making it nearly impossible to breathe.  

It has been said that that fire might burn for a couple hundred years before the fuel runs out. 

I used to drive truck back then and I recall driving by a huge slag pile at night one time. That entire slag pile was a huge mountain of glowing material piled up. Was it from the Centralia mine fire? I don't know!

Have a great day!

Granddad Ladd

Observation for November 12, 2019

Some years I became aware of a family that was trying very hard to qualify for an important position.

All went very well and it seemed that that job was about to begin a new chapter in their life.  Everything was approved!

But then a letter came stating that position had been canceled or denied.

After discussing the situation with two of the most trusted of folks he knew, one being the interviewer for that position and the other being a member of his close friends. 

When asked for an explanation, The interviewer said, "YOU TRIED TOO HARD!"  On the other hand, the close friend said, "YOU DID NOT TRY HARD ENOUGH!"

Now I ask you, What would your feelings be if that person were you?

That family put hundreds of dollars into updating facilities. This money could not be recovered!  Hundreds of hours were given to attending meetings and instructions for the job, And all for NAUGHT!

Talk about the mind and values being pulled apart.  

Granddad Ladd


I want to give my thanks to certain special people involved in my 85 years of life.  Each one left a certain legacy of their own to me, to grow and for what else it means to every one who might read this.

First are my parents, Lisle and Beatrice Ladd, The next names are listed as they are remembered.

Granddad Ervin Ladd, Great Aunt Allie Ladd Tuttle, Charlie Keith, (he and his wife were my first friends outside from family),  Grace  and Alfred Harris. Hulda Vogt, Charlie Hebblethwaite and wife, 

Other folks that had a great influence were Leo Buscaglia and Judith Kurianski, John Savage was another but certainly not the last! or the least.

Of course there were a great many other people who are also in my memory. But I think that first few named people need to be remembered and honored. at least by me.  These folks took much time to answer questions and instill a sense of fairness to all the folks that I may come in contact in years to come!  

Trying not to judge anyone without first knowing what kind of teachings or experiences these other folks had. And helping them whenever I could!

Granddadd Ladd

This thread is opened again for comments

Granddad Ladd. 


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